Grateful Post: Day #21

For this post we will complete the other half of the Benson family with my father-in-law. There are some great things to say about Dad Benson! 

When Nathan and I had decided we were going to go ahead with the marriage thing we got an email nearly every week from Nathan's dad with specific topics he had thought about that would help us in our marriage and important things that we could discuss beforehand. I can't tell you how grateful I am for these emails and the words of wisdom and advice that we have in those emails. I honestly treasure them and count them as some of our greatest advice we've ever received in our couple years of marriage.

Love these two amazing men!
 He continues to give great advice when needed but never pushes it upon us and only encourages us to treat each other with love and respect. Along with these great words of wisdom he is one of the most laid back, mild mannered men I have ever met in my life. I've never seen him upset or mad a day since I have met him and Nathan only remembers a couple times throughout his life that his dad every not noticeably upset and those were times when Nathan or his brothers showed disrespect to their mother or when he was defending his children.

Dad Benson with his dad and his four awesome, amazing boys he raised!
Another of my favorite things is his willingness to listen and his sincere care for his children, even me. You know when he asks you how things are going he is sincere and serious about how life is going. Nathan has always valued his father's opinion and counsel very much because of the honest, prayerful, wisdom he has developed throughout his life. Kamden loves to ride on his Grandpa Benson's shoulders and I remember there were quite a few days when Kamden was young with colic that he would walk the floors with him or rock him until he got his little body to calm and sleep. I was very grateful for those times as a new, tired mother.

We are sincerely grateful for this great man in our life!

Thank you, Dad!

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