The Perfect Weekend

I live for weekends around here. Those couple days where dad is all ours and we just enjoy being together. Some weekends we do nothing really exciting but hang out together and that is just fine. This past weekend fits right into this category. Saturday we spent time cleaning, scrubbing, washing laundry, and watching "Dirty Jobs" on Netflix. Yesterday we did the normal for a Sunday with church, played some with Kamden, played and visited with friends, ate way too many cookies, tried to keep a naughty boy out of mom's flowers, did some skyping, and some playing outside chewing on sticks and digging in the dirt! It was nice, just what I needed to end one week and start another.

These pictures make me happy! He's seriously my favorite little guy ever! Not much better!


Happy Summer

This week we have been hanging out in the sunshine. Trust me, it's been warm. Really warm but we've still tried to enjoy this summer weather. Since a couple of our friends were awesome and had the idea of getting in the pool we went ahead and joined them.

Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of him today in the pool with his Turtle tube but just believe me when I say he was so flipping cute in it!

I did get some (a lot) of pictures when we went to our friends house and hung out in their little backyard splash pool. We had so much fun as we always do hanging out with Katie and her little ones, Leah and Dallin!

He loves splashing!

Love his pot belly in this picture!
Isn't that pool so cute?

I couldn't get enough shots of this little guy and how much he loves this! Can you tell?

Here are a few pictures of our friends, Leah and Dallin!

Love this face!

Drinking the water squirting up!

Poor thing had a bit of an aversion to being in the pool!

We had so much fun! I can't wait for the day we have our own back yard and can do the same thing! Unfortunately it doesn't really make sense right now. We will just have to frequent the pool in our apartment complex.

Happy Summer!


Maybe I'll Win

I don't know how long I've been begging for an awesome camera. Even before I dropped ours off a 50 ft. bridge into water. It still works but just not the same, ya know! Maybe I might just get lucky with this giveaway! Maybe!


Father's Day and a Royal Fit

On Sunday Kamden and I celebrated his pretty awesome, amazing dad!

We started out with some breakfast for the day! He even got pancakes, which was a treat, since they aren't technically on the list of foods we can eat while on our diet we are trying to stick to.

They took a morning nap before church

Later that day, after church he did just what he wanted and that was snuggle his little guy to sleep on the big chair for an afternoon nap!

Nap much?

I was hard at work on the hamburger buns and when they finally woke up Nathan got to work on the meat of the dinner. We ate a pretty awesome meal and like always, Kamden loved the watermelon!

Welcome to a picture overload:

Seriously, the perfect gift for Nathan! Now, he can be official.

I even made his favorite cake, successfully (Angel Food)!

This face about sums up our day!


And, just so I have prove in 20 years when I tell him that he could throw a royal fit, even at 9 months. Pay attention the next series of pictures!

Happy chewing on the end of the watermelon rind:

That is until Dad showed him a different way to chew on it. Well, that's when this happened:

I'm telling ya, Mr. Sensitivity can be pretty entertaining sometimes! These cute faces just made me love him more though!

Sweet Somethings

So, Nate and I have been married for two years. I did an Anniversary post earlier but never got around to getting some photos posted of this sweet something my husband prepared for me!

It was cute. He's usually cute like that but even more cute when he tries extra hard!

There were rose petals from the front door to our room and all over my bed!
How sweet is he? But, that's not all. He cleaned my house and scrubbed the bathtub (spic and span)! That means a lot since he really doesn't love to clean the bathtub. 

We were able to hold hands at the movie that night and then I got a candle lit soak in the tub! 
 It was pretty great!

Two years is better than one!


Those Hands

One of the first things I notice about a person are their hands. I like to think of the stories those hands have to tell. Stories of strength, of weakness, of care, of love. I like to imagine what those hands have experienced and accomplished.

My dad is not a small man, and neither are his hands. Although, he does not have lengthy fingers or hands, they are solid and if you've ever met the man, you have probably met his strong handshake as well. He's not afraid to use those hands for all jobs, rough and tough. However, I know of many times he has used those hands to smooth back some hair from his daughters face or to cradle his grandchildren. 

Good hugs
These hands, of my father's have not seen the likes of lotion too many times but we couldn't count how many times they have been covered in grease or dirt. The roughness in his hands tell of many trials, small and great that have been fought head on, while those small smooth spots tell of humility in times that he pulled himself up, always working harder and harder.

Kisses from the dad

I'm so proud to call him my dad!

When I was dating Nathan, his hands told me all sorts of stories. His hands are strong, rough around the edges, but if you study them you find gentle, soft divets. They are firm but nonthreatening and with them comes an acceptance of understanding and patience. These hands I love so much have a gift of healing that was passed to him from his mother but I often reap the benefits from. I have known these hands to reach out to more people than I could count. They have worked on countless cars of family and friends, they have written anonymous checks for someone in need, and they have tickled more than should ever be allowed! Currently, they are wrapped tightly around his small son while they sit fast asleep.

Dad and Kamden taking a Father's Day nap

Kamden couldn't have a better dad in all the world, seriously!

My father-in-law is a quiet man but don't be fooled, he's got a great personality! One that has enable his hands to reach out to many, many people. There are countless times I have seen those hands supporting a book, seeping in all the knowledge and education that they can. His hands have known many melodies played on the strings of his guitar and have sweetly soothed his grandson to sleep on many occasions (when he gets the chance). There is also a build in admiration for these hands when I see them and am reminded of my dear husbands, the similarities that were passed on. I know they have supported four strong boys!

My husband and father-in-law

I have so much gratitude for how this man raised his son!


Happy Fathers Day!

Kamden holding onto his dad's thumb

I will always cherish the hands that brought me up, those that raised my husband, and the ones that provide safety to my son.