Remembering Oaklie Rose

I am in Blackfoot this week with my dear family as my brother and sister-in-law have lost their dear little, Oakley Rose this past weekend. Shylo, my sister-in-law was due to be induced March 12, 2012 (yesterday) to welcome their dear little girl into this world but lost her just days before. They have known there share of trial, after six previous miscarriages, multiple surgeries, and more. They had found hope in knowing they could welcome this sweet one to their family. Unfortunately, on Saturday they found out, Oaklie would not come to this earth. She was silently born on Saturday, March 10, 2012 to two very strong, amazing parents.

Her obituary is available for viewing here.

We are grateful to know of the plan of salvation and they are holding fast to their knowledge of this. There has been such an outpouring of love for them and they feel immense love right now.

As you can imagine, the expenses pour in. I can't imagine how overwhelming it would be to have to worry about all the expenses that come with such a challenge after you are so emotionally, spiritually, and physically spent. Not to mention, all the expenses you have to pay for to prepare for a baby. Insurance does not help with babies who are born silently so they have an immense burden they are feeling on there shoulders right now.

To help them out at this time there has been a fund set up to help them out. Information can be found on the photo below.

They are extremely grateful and humbled at this time and are appreciative of every little thing done for them. Any amount of donation would help them immensely.

Thank you for thoughts, love, support, and prayers. They have been felt more than you know.
If there are any questions or thoughts that you would wish to send their way you can e-mail them to sharebear_87@hotmail.com or condolences@hawkerfuneralhome.com.


6 months

Our bubba bear turned six months old yesterday, not even kidding! He is a half year old already, he's short, he's small, and he's strong. This kid is still moving and talking like crazy. You put him down somewhere and he ends up on the other side of the room before too long. He likes to sit up, roll around, and he has started pushing his belly up off the ground.

He loves to eat and he has been gaining weight like a champ! He went from being in the 7th percentile to the 25th percentile since his 4 month appointment. He is eating 6-8 ounces every 3 hours and he loves his rice cereal now. 

We have been pretty sure he's teething lately and the doctor told me he thought his two bottom teeth would be coming out soon. I hope they make their entrance soon!

His measurements are:

Height: 24.8 inches 4%
Weight: 16 lbs. 1 oz. 25%
Head Circumference: 42.5 cm. 20%

He wasn't going to sit still for pictures this month. He was all over the place so we just went with it! I have a feeling this isn't going to change, probably ever. We'll just run with it!


Be Kind

I found this at heythngschange.com