Mr. & Mrs. Hildebrand

Guess what we did this past weekend!?!

We flew to Arizona to see two very deserving people, Paul & Krista, start the beginning of their lives together!!!

Paul is Nate's old mission companion and one of his best friends! Krista is the girl who makes him grin from ear to ear, even more than Chelsee (his truck)!

They literally rode off into the sunset on a really nice Harley Davidson! How fun?

Plus, I have to give props to Krista for riding around all day on the Harley in a wedding dress without getting it incredibly dirty! I would have ruined that dress!

Paul was handsome in a red and black tux and shiny shoes! Krista was classy in white with a beautiful red flower in her hair!

We are so happy for them and I must tell you if Nate and Paul have it their way we will live next door to this amazing couple and grow old together while we are busy digging in mud and climbing mountains in Nate's subaru and Paul's jeep! Ha ha...we will just have to see where we are in ten years!

Until then, Nate and I wish Paul and Krista the best in all the endeavors of their lives!


Falling Behind...

Yeah, I am falling behind on a lot of things!!!

They include blogging, Christmas baking, cleaning my house, delivering Christmas goodies, grocery shopping, folding  my laundry, craft projects, organizing and so much more!!!

I'm not sure how it all started. Actually, I have realized it is pretty easy to fall behind in just one day! We were also gone for the weekend...which we really loved! We flew to Arizona on Friday night and missed our flight back early Sunday morning so we flew back late Saturday morning to Portland!

I have a lot to do and so little time to do it in and yes, that does include multiple blog posts that I have meant to post and haven't! I have been reprimanded by my sister and so I will try to get my rear end back in gear today! I'm going to make a list today so that I stop forgetting everything on my mental check-list! I need it on paper! So, that is what I shall do right now!

But, before I leave here is a picture of our tree. I meant to post it a long time ago. There have been a couple changes since...a few new ornaments, presents underneath it, and some candy canes going on it! That picture will have to wait until later though...I haven't taken it yet! :-) Ha ha...I told you I was behind in a lot!

If you remember, my husband is AMAZING and since we were starting from scratch this year he let me choose exactly how I wanted to decorate the tree within budget of course! I adore him for letting me do pink and silver all the way!

Our Christmas Tree 2010

A close up of some of the tree decorations!!!

More Tree Decorations!!!

Well, anyways here is to accomplishing a lot and hoping your Christmas preparations are running very smoothly!

If you are anything like me, they are not! Yet, we are still very excited for Christmas and to spend it with some family even though we can not go back to Idaho!


"...Becometh as a Little Child..."

"So I've been thinking wouldn't it be great if everyone remembered about Jesus' birthday like maybe one person could smile at someone and they could smile back. And people could say things like, 'Please!', and 'Thank You!', 'I'm sorry!', 'I Forgive You!', and 'I love you!'...Don't you think that would be a great present for Jesus!"

Watch this video and tell me this little girl does not know what Christmas is all about! 

No wonder we are told to "...becometh as a little child..." I'm going to try and consciously remember to "...smile at someone...And say things like, "Please, and Thank You, I'm Sorry, I Forgive You, and I Love You" more often! 

Then maybe, "everyone in the whole wide world [will] be part of Jesus' birthday!"

Merry Christmas!


"If You Had That Many Kids..."


One dollar store run...
One Wal-Mart run...
Two carts full of groceries to one person...
6 6 lb. bags of frozen hash browns...
18 lbs. of bacon...
18 lbs. of sausage...
21 lbs. of Krusteaz pancake mix...
16 containers of syrup...
25 dozen eggs... 
10 gallons of milk...
10 gallons of Orange Juice...
a couple other items...
and 15 phone calls later...

I am almost ready for the Ward Christmas Brunch tomorrow morning!

I still have one more Wal-Mart run to make for I'm not sure how much butter yet and then I should be good!

I got plenty of funny looks and comments! The nice lady who checked me out asked, "Now what is this for?"
I reply, "A Christmas Party!"
She replies, "Okay, I was going to say if you had that many kids..."
My reply was, "If I had that many kids I would be in a mental institution!" I'm only 24 for goodness sake!

I hope I guessed about right! It isn't easy to plan food for 150 people. Thanks for the advice tonight mom! Your second opinion was much needed and appreciated!

Tis' the season for eating lots of food tomorrow!

I hope your hungry Woodburn 2nd Ward!


Warning: Rambling Ahead

I warned you! Stop now if you don't want to hear it but tonight is just rambling!

I feel like rambling on until I run out of things to type! Does anyone else ever feel like this? Well, sometimes I just get the urge to go on and on and on about nothing to incredibly important to anyone else but just maybe someone will find something incredibly inspirational (highly doubtful) right? A girl can dream!!! Anyways, here it goes! If you aren't ready, just stop now! That is two or three warnings already so don't come back telling me I didn't warn you!

Well, it seems there is another night of motivation lost, just gone out the door! I didn't even show it the door; it just got up and snuck out as soon as my husband opened the door to go off to work for the night! It seems this happens quite often when he starts working night shifts and I never see it coming until he is gone and it is gone and I am stuck here without either one! Not cool because then my Christmas tree is still half-decorated needing more ribbon and silver sprigs (I was worried that wasn't actually a word but I think it is). It leaves dishes in the sink that I need to do and pine needles to be vaccumed once again! It leaves Christmas decorations unmade and Thanksgiving/Fall decorations still up in my house! It leaves my first Christmas present of the year (the Willow Tree Nativity from my mom that I got in the mail today!!!) still in the box. There is more but I don't want to think about that anymore!

If I had a Christmas movie I wouldn't be sitting here on the couch under my heated blanket typing. I would be laying here on the couch under my heated blanket watching a movie, which I would prefer doing at the moment! However, I have no Christmas movies! Netflix is supposed to be sending me one but it's not here yet! Come on Netflix, just overnight it! If they aren't going to provide any of the Christmas movies I want to watch on Instant Play then I think they should have the courtesy to overnight to my mail box! Don't you think? Do you want to join me in protest anyone? As long as it doesn't mean I stop getting my movies! 

Do you know what might be even better than laying on the couch, under my heated blanket, watching a movie? I do!!! It would be laying on the couch, under my heated blanket, watching a Christmas movie, drinking hot chocolate! Hot chocolate with Hazelnut creamer and peppermint in it; the kind my husband makes for me when he is home! Hmmm...I just might have to try and make some myself so that I can halfway cure my depression of having no Christmas movies to watch tonight! We will have to see!

So, have I mentioned that I have a REAL Christmas tree in my living room that is at least halfway decorated? Halfway counts for something, right? Anyways, I love that I have a real tree and that it smells good. However, I need help with the situation in my living room! I had to rearrange things in order to make room for a Christmas tree and now it just seems too cluttered! My problem is that the couches do not line up anymore with the decor on my walls and quite frankly it bothers me! I don't know how to fix it though! Does anybody have any suggestions? I guess you would have to see the room to understand or suggest but it's just not going to fly all month. I don't know how to let go of the anal, perfectionist side in me and ignore it. It is just not possible. I have tried for a day or so but every time I look at it, there is a little voice in my head screaming that it looks all wrong and too cluttered over there on that side of my living room. Please, let me know if you have a sudden bout of inspired creativity come your way that might cure this issue!

Well, I could stop now if I wanted but I'm just not sure! I think I need to share an AMAZING quote with you! My dear friend Maps (a.k.a Pamela) shared the greatest quote with me yesterday on my facebook wall! I have a habit of telling all my friends and family to, "Remember, you are better than you think you are!" quite often and at random times! I love it! It's so true! Sometimes we just need to know that we truly are better than we think we are! If you are anything like me, you are your worst critic. I think most people are so this is one of my very loved quotes! I believe, at least I am pretty sure this is the exact reason Maps posted this great quote on my wall! Are you ready for these amazingly simple words of intelligence?

Here you are:

"Promise me, you'll always remember: you're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem and smarter than you think."

-Christopher Robin to Pooh

So, this is one of my new favorite quotes but might I add something to it?


 "Promise me, you'll always remember: you're braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think, and better than you think you are!"

I know, I know there is a little redundancy at the end there but work with me here! I think it's good! I think Christopher Robin and myself are on to something here! See, something great and miraculous and amazing can come out of my simple ramblings even if I need help from Christopher Robin and Maps! 

 Anyways, I might get back to Netflix and watch something concerning Sea Monsters like I did earlier! It is interesting! Did you ever know there was a sea creature called the Dolyco something or other a long long long long long LONG time ago? Evidently, there was and it was kind of a cool little creature! You can thank National Geographic and your truly  for that little tid bit of information! 

 Is anyone else bored yet? I think I'm getting there which means you are lucky! Darn lucky! Like better than winning the lottery, lucky because that means I think I'm done rambling for the night! Thank you for your time! If you sat through the whole process let me know just so I can feel as though my ramblings were at least noticed! Does that make me sound vain? I hope not!

And, just because I love this picture you get to see it! I put this on here hesitantly though! I've heard different opinions on this photo. Some say it is seductive, some say they like it, some don't. What do you think? It was actually kind of an awkward position laying on that log with a little stub sticking into my leg! However, I do like the "gazing into each others eyes" look that we got going on here!

  Have a happy Thursday tomorrow!


P.S. Just in case anyone was wondering, you are hopefully looking at the soon-to-be, new employee of The LDS Distribution Center/Deseret Book! I had an interview this morning and it went great! She may or may not have told me that she was going to hopefully call me soon with an official job offer!


 That's all for tonight! I'm done rambling!