We Make Cute Babies

I've been aching to have some newborn pictures taken of Kamden but of course it's super expensive here in Maryland for a professional photographer or a studio to do it! Not even kidding, it's like double the price that it is in Idaho and you have to purchase a digital cd of the pictures seperately for $150.00.

Nate kept trying to convince me I could do it myself and I kept relenting but after giving in to the fact that we really don't have that kind of money right now I decided I was better than nothing! I got a couple good pictures today that I am working on editing. I'm definitely not a professional obviously but with some editing they are turning out better than I thought they would. (Please be kind in your critique!)

Here is a peak at one of my favorites!

He is just so cute! I gave up on winning the war with the pacifier to keep him still! 
He didn't want to sleep!

Go ahead, tell me you love him as much as I do!
Okay, that's not possible but you still love him, don't you?
Tell me we make cute babies!


Rub a Dub Dub...

Kamden's in the tub!!!

And let's just say this boy likes his baths, most the time! There are a few moments he'd rather skip sometimes but otherwise he is perfectly content to lay back in the water!

For some reason he loved laying his head back like this! He was crying and then when he assumed this position he was completely content until we lifted his head back up! It was so cute!

We have had lots of baths since his "First Bath" and we like it more every day! I got a little seat that fits in his bathtub that keeps him a little more straight and steady which I think I will love. He just kind of curls up in his other one and sinks down in.

Time to take a bath!!!


Getting to Know Kamden

We are already noticing such a personality in our sweet, handsome little boy!
We just love him so much and can't get enough of him!

Kamden will be 3 weeks old on Wednesday and is doing really well!
At his doctors appointment last week he was back at his birth weight, weighing 7 lbs. 9 oz. again and he is now 20" long. According to the Nurse Practitioner that is in a lower percentile (20th for weight) though so he has to go in again on Tuesday to have a weight check.

 He is usually a pretty content little guy most the time but he still has his moments!

This is one of his better moments! Finally got his little grin on camera!

 Here are some of Kamden's likes and dislikes we have noticed so far!

Kamden likes:
  • Eating...most of the time...unless he is really sleepy!
  • Sleeping...but preferably while being held. He will sleep in his bassinet but he has to be swaddled really well and pretty out of it!
  • Being held really close but likes having his arms free (at least he thinks so).
  • Laying on our chest
  • Being sung or hummed too while laying on our chest or being held really close.
  • Passing gas...I'm worried people will think it's me when we go into public because it's hard to believe that can come from his little body!
  • Bath time...just not sponge baths.
  • Tummy time...for a little while...as long as he's content!
  • Pacifiers or his thumb (or any finger that he finds in his mouth).
  • Being outside in the sun.
  • His daddy so very much! Okay, he LOVES him a lot!
Kamden dislikes:
  • Dirty diapers.
  • Getting his dirty diapers changed.
  • Diaper rash
  • Being woken up to eat.
  • Gas
Here is some of what we have been up to:
Trying on lots of new outfits! We go through a few a day!!!

Hanging out with Dad, Mom, and Grandma Oler!

Sucking my thumb

Visiting the Temple

It can be an adjustment having a new little body in our home but we'd definitely miss him if he wasn't!
We have loved having Grandma Oler here and are so excited to see Grandma and Grandpa Benson in a few days! Isn't family the greatest!


    Introducing Kamden Wade

    We would like to introduce our new addition!
    We are so excited that Kamden Wade is finally here!!!

     Born September 7, 2011 at 9:46 pm
    7 lbs. 9 oz. and 18 1/2" long

     Evidently he is just as impatient as his mom and he decided to come 2 weeks and 1 day early, making both mom and dad very happy!

    It was an unexpected and quick surprise!
    (It didn't seem too quick to mom at times, but everyone else thinks so!)

    Mom & Kamden

    Kamden's Birth Story:
    (Just the general details for those in the family who haven't heard it, nothing I wouldn't want to read!)

    On Wednesday (September 7th) morning around 10:45 my water broke and I knew instantly I was having a baby soon! I wasn't having any contractions yet so I decided I would take a shower and get ready before contractions set in. Afterwards I called the office of my midwives to check in and they told me to come in around 1:00 pm so they could check me since I wasn't having any contractions yet. I tried to get a hold of Nate at that time but he wasn't answering his phone so I called the phone number in the clean room he gave me. He wasn't there either but they told me they would locate him and let him know right away! He called me about ten minutes later on his way home!

    I had not yet packed my bags for the hospital either, thinking I had two weeks left, so I decided I better get that done! After Nate got home we got everything together and stashed the car seat in the car, which we still had not installed, and were on our way. It was on the way to the office I started having contractions about eight minutes apart lasting about a minute. Once we got to the office we waited until about two o clock for the midwife to check me. I was dilated to a four, fully effaced, and at a -2 station so she said she didn't think it would be any time too soon, probably not even until the next morning because he hadn't moved down far enough. We decided to wait a little while to go to the hospital.

    We went home and Nate tried to feed me but I wasn't in the mood to eat as my contractions just kept getting more painful. I told Nate it was time to go to the hospital so we headed out and got there around 4:30 p.m. in a lot of pain. My contractions were then at least a minute long and coming about every two minutes. Once I got checked in, in the bed, and all hooked up they told me I could have an epidural but I had to wait to get a whole bolus of fluids first. I waited about an hour and then waited about another hour for the anesthesiologist to get there because after she got to Labor and Delivery she had one other to do before mine.

    After the epidural Kamden's hear rate dropped down into the 60's so the nurse put me on some oxygen and called the midwife in to check me again. I was already dilated to a nine and at a zero station which she said explained why he was a little upset. She still wanted me to rest while I had the epidural and try to let my body do some of the work. I tried. The epidural was sweet relief for about 20-30 minutes and then all I could feel was pain and a ton of pressure. I tried pushing the button for more from my epidural but nothing was happening. I tried to sit it out but I felt a lot of pressure so Nate got the nurse and she let me know the midwife would come into check and see if we were ready to have a baby! She came and they called anesthesia to come back and give me more epidural because it wasn't working. She also told me I could start pushing but still thought it might be a while to move him down so she left to check on someone else while the nurse stayed.

    Ask Nate, at this time I didn't want to push. I really really didn't because it hurt so bad but I did and they made sure I did. Then all the sudden all I wanted to do was push so I did and I did some more! That was when the nurse checked and told me to stop pushing. I pretty much told her no and questioned why I had to stop pushing after all she had did was tell me to push and push harder before! She said it would be nice to have the midwife there to catch the baby and asked me if that was okay. I said yes but shortly after forgot I did and kept pushing! Oops! She called the midwife and told her we were going to have a baby and to come back asap. (Later on we were talking about it and she said she thought she was going to have to deliver the baby. I told her to take it as a compliment that I thought she was more than capable to do just as well as the midwife!) The nurse quickly prepared the table and such for delivery while I kept pushing. The midwife got there and shortly after we had a baby boy! Yahoo! I labored for about eight hours total and pushed for 36 minutes and he was here!

    Now, a picture overload for the family!

    Shortly after he was born!

    Daddy & Kamden

     Mommy and Kamden

    Playing hide and seek

    We love this face!!!

    Just lounging!

    Waving "Good Morning" to daddy while he was at work!

    Our Little Family

    We didn't know being a mom and dad could be so much fun and so exhausting at the same time! Luckily we are catching up on some sleep just in time to lose more but we still love every second of it!

    He is a great baby and we are beyond grateful for him and his adorable personality we are already noticing!

    We love you Kamden Wade!