Look here

Look, look! Look at what the Bubba Bear can do now! He's been working on it for about a week and he's done really good today, walking across a whole room of the house at times! Yay! I know I'm not supposed to be excited because "he will get into everything" but honestly, he already does so I'm still excited!

It's pretty darn cute watching his little bum wobble back and forth all unsteady. I love it! We get so excited for him that now he gets pretty excited too and it's so fun to watch!

Love love love it!!!

P.S. I also love that Nathan rewards him with a sock afterwards! Seriously, he's not so deprived that he only gets to play with socks! Promise!



I had a birthday, turned 25, and I was spoiled by my awesome husband!

Remember when I told you I went to Wicked for Mother's Day. Well, we decided that would be a good birthday present as well. But, that doesn't mean he didn't find a way to make my day and when he came home from work early he came bearing gifts still. I opened the bag and was so excited to see something I've never had before.

So, that night we called for some help from a little boy of a friend in the ward that volunteered to babysit Kamden while we went to the movie Brave. Wyatt came over with his bat in haul and was a trooper batting away at that pinata that Nathan stuffed full of candy for me! It was so much fun. We didn't get any pictures of me batting but that is okay.

Here is the proof of our fun!

Thanks for the fun birthday Nathan! I loved it!



Dear Kamden,

I feel a deep gratitude for you today, my little boy. Although, sometime a tough one, motherhood is my calling in life. I feel it every time I see your sweet smile, hear your contagious giggle, cradle your tired body in my arms, or dance with you around the living room. It's the greatest calling I have ever journeyed through and I'm grateful you were willing to help me learn to be a mother. I don't always learn so easy; sometimes it takes a while but you teach me how to be more patient every day through your example. You may want your bottle "now" and you may want to be held or put down on your own time schedule but your ability to be patient while I'm learning speaks volumes to my heart.

You forgive me almost instantly and you never hold a grudge. When Christ said to become like a little child he was speaking to me. He was telling me to become a little more like you. I've never been more blessed than the day I held you in my arms for the first time. I didn't understand then the full extent of what was going to happen to me, the change that would take place inside me, and how much I would grow. You know more than most people how imperfect I am but despite that you are willing to call me mom, let me kiss you better, hug you tight when life gets hard after a good bonk to the head, and to nourish you in body, mind, and spirit.

I'm convinced that you will never leave my side because it will just be too hard the day you grow up and decide you take care of yourself. I guess, I'll cross that path once we come to it.

I love you,



Best Friend

It's my birthday! That means it's Carlie's birthday too! 
She's the gorgeous one on the left!

She's so much better at the wind blown look than I am!

Seriously, I used to think it was kind of lame to share my birthday with my twin sister. We got all the same things and had to share stuff. But now, I'm all grown up and hopefully a little more mature but I love love LOVE to share a birthday with best friend I have had and will have for life. Most people can't say that. Most people haven't had someone by their side for the entire journey through life.

I am lucky! I have a twin sister, but not only that a best friend through her. I'm pretty sure we probably understand each other better than we understand ourselves but we make a pretty good combination. She's my complete opposite in most things but I needed that in life. I've been thinking about these things today and am overcome with gratitude for this special blessing in my life. I know that girl's got my back and I hope she knows I've got her's too!

That bond between twins although stressed at times in life, is one of the strongest I know of! We've been through a lot together and there are so many things I just know I couldn't have done without her by my side (sometimes only in Spirit).

She always helps me let go and laugh about life for awhile! Something I'm not always very good at. That and we also make a pretty mean photo shoot together!

See for yourself:

There's no possible way I could  not love her!

Thanks so much Carlie, Shandy, Shan Ban, Shanon Carlie! I love you times a million eternities! So do Nate and Kamden! Thanks for always standing side by side with me!


10 Months

Yesterday, Kamden turned 10 months old! I can't believe he is getting so close to a year old. Our little guy is going to be all grown up soon and I'm trying to tell myself more each to just enjoy him. He's starting to be more of a handful each day keeping him out of trouble and happy but I love watching his little mind discover new things or develop new abilities. 

We baby-proofed most of our cabinets and drawers since he was learning how to open them and that helps but you just can't leave anything sitting out anymore or he will get to it and chances are there won't be much left of it. He has quite the personality and he knows exactly what he wants in life. We are working on patience because it seems that isn't exactly his strong suit (he must get that from Nathan...haha...not even...probably me). 

He loves to eat EVERYTHING and I find myself pulling something out of his mouth at least 1-2 times a day. He enjoys music and dancing with mom while nobody else is watching and of course loves being chased and tickled by dad. He takes off on his walker like he has a million things to do and see but without it he still thinks it's much more efficient to use all fours. 

One of the hardest things lately has been the separation anxiety phase. While he isn't afraid of people one bit, he still likes to be close to somebody. During the day unless I sneak away without him seeing somehow he tells me just what's what if I walk into another room without him by my side. I know that this little man will keep us busy long into the future already, but I love love LOVE the huge personality he has!

I love everything about the little guy! Well, most everything! ;-)