So does finding an apartment!
 I can't wait until I am done!

That's all! 


The Girls

I've been thinking lately...and I don't know if it's the fact that I am moving across the country again...or that I hate packing so much and it is enveloping me lately...or that I am pregnant...or emotional...maybe it's that it's been nice outside...and probably that my nieces are growing up way too fast...or because we just had family here and I watched Nate enjoy time with his brothers...and maybe it's because life is just crazy right now...

but I really miss my girls, my three sisters, my nieces, and my moms!

It's hard to live away from family but I can testify to the fact that your heart grows fonder of each of them every single day! I had a mini breakdown last night! I knew it would come eventually when we decided to move again but it's still hard even when I can anticipate it! I am excited for our adventure and experiencing a new venue but at the same time with a second move, farther from family, old friends, and new friends my heart not only longs for the adventure but for the consistency of being settled!

It seems these amazing ladies in my life help me feel more concrete. They bring sanity to my life in a way others can't. They give me the wise, womanly advice and opinions I need more than I'd like to admit. They understand the things I do, why I do them, and what I feel!

They laugh. They cry. They feel with me!

 I'm grateful that I get to see and visit with them in a short while but already dreading another goodbye! To you ladies (you know who you are), I miss you and I love you! If I make it through this week (I'm sure I will but I can be a little dramatic, right?) I will see you shortly and I am beyond, oh so excited!