Yummy Treat

I haven't gained any weight yet being pregnant. I am not too far along, only 15 weeks, but I'm dreading the day when I look at the scale and it has a number 10-20 lbs. more than what I was. Nobody wants the numbers on the scale to increase, right? 

However, after making these chocolate chip cookies today that might happen sooner than later! They are super yummy and I don't want to stop eating them. I'm halfway between taking some to work to share or just being selfish and saving them all for me and Nate!

Recipe from Our Best Bites

Ha ha...they were just what I needed this morning to keep me busy before work and the perfect delight for my taste buds! I just can't decide if I like the cookie dough or cookies better!



Our Randoms...

1. I randomly decided to go on a drive at 9:00 pm last night (something we can randomly decide to do when we have this baby!) and Nate indulged me by taking me on a drive, letting me turn up some (clean) pop music (sorry, I know it was Sunday), and acting like a complete idiot by singing incessantly and dancing in the car! I felt like I was in high school again!

2. We decided yesterday afternoon to start a new Sunday night tradition of having home popped popcorn while watching a disney movie! I used to do this with my family sometimes and I loved it! I have been obsessed with wanting to watch the classic disney movies lately and Nate loves popcorn so it was perfect! Maybe next week I'll make caramel corn while we watch this Disney movie!

3. I made my first pot roast by myself! It turned out pretty good. Nate liked it! I hardly ate any (I'm not a huge pot roast fan. I never have been.) but I did like the noodles with stroganoff gravy to go with it! Nate thought I was silly for making a pot roast when I don't even like it! He likes it though and I have never done one so it was worth it for the feeling of accomplishment!

4. Every morning when I woke up we can feel a hard spot at the bottom of my belly. However, once I get up for the day and get going it's never there anymore! Did any other mom peeps out there experience this? I have felt it for a week or so now and I hadn't told Nate about it yet but the other day (just because he likes to talk to my belly) he snuggled up next to my belly, talking to the baby that is supposedly in there, and he said to me, "Your belly is hard right here. It's never been like that!" I told him it would go away and he didn't quite believe me but he checked later after getting up and it was gone! It's so weird! The baby is supposed to be the size of my favorite fruit this week, an orange!!!

5. My husband is a bookworm lately reading the Fablehaven series! He read almost all day yesterday! Seriously!

6. We finally made it to the Portland Zoo while Shanon was here a week ago! It was fun! I want a giraffe and a hippo but Nate won't let me have one!

7. We also made delicious scones with honey and raspberry butter while Shanon was here and I have TONS of scone dough in my freezer! Anyone want to come over for scones?

8. I'm excited for Easter in a month but wish I was in Idaho! I can't wait to hide Nate's easter basket and make him find it! I'm thinking I may try to organize an Easter Egg Hunt for my primary class so I can work on getting involved in the holiday! Holidays are the hardest away from family!

9. I love that conference is in a week but hate that I can't listen to conference on Saturday because I have to work! Are you asking the same thing I am? Why is the distribution center and Deseret Book open the day of conference? Good question, huh! Supposedly it's one of the busiest days! Not only that but I have to work a split shift from 10-3 and 6-8:30!People, stay home and watch conference so I can listen to it while at work, please!!! However, you may come from 6:00-8:30 pm and say hi to me at Ladies Night! It sounds like a blast! 

10. I want to go on a bike ride tonight for FHE! Please don't rain!!!


The Good News and the Bad News: Too Much For Me

I think there is just too much going on right now for me to handle!

We have had a lot of decisions to make in the last couple months and it seems like I am not in the right state of mind for all of it. I'm too emotional for all of this!

It all started out in January when I found out I got a job at the Distribution Center for the church in Lake Oswego, which I really do enjoy! I really wanted it and I got it! I found a job I would enjoy who would work with me going to school as well! Plus, it would be right in between home and school so I thought I could coordinate it on the right days and everything!

Well, about a week after I found out I had the job I was so tired, exhausted, and not feeling well that I was beyond frustrated. I didn't feel well but I couldn't figure out what the deal was. I was so tired, sick to my stomach, dizzy realy often, and beyond grumpy! Then, I finally found out what my problem was...


That is right, you read it correctly, pregnancy was the diagnosis! It was beyond belief and I tried to convince myself it wasn't true because my mind couldn't comprehend but after two positive tests we decided it was a correct diagnosis!

Baby Benson is on the way!

Ultrasound at 9 weeks and 2 days!
Wow! Although I knew it could be a possibility it was still very unexpected! A couple months earlier we had both recieved a confirmation through fasting, prayer, and temple attendance that Heavenly Father was in control of that aspect of our lives and that we would leave it up to him. That was scary and it's even more scary now! Nate is beyond excited and I am at times too but it's still hard for me to grasp and I'm still scared to death at times. Don't get me wrong, I want to be a mother but when it is actually going to happen, it's a little more scary (at least for me)!

I am 14 weeks right now and due on September 18th!

I made a slideshow to tell our family but am unable to upload it because we had to dump Nate's computer after it had a lot of issues and I only have a hard copy on dvd now. At least I have that!

Well, we decided shortly after that we were going back to Idaho to tell our families and March was the month! We went last weekend (see Nate's previous post) and they were all beyond excited for us! My sister-in-law is also pregnant just a few weeks behind me so there will be two babies coming really close together!

That's not all! Want to know the rest of why I'm so darn emotional? That's the bad news.

I know you do!!!

Well, we decided to apply for a job we heard about to be apartment managers in Salem and it sounded like something perfect for us where I could work in the office with the baby, we would get free rent for a 3 bedroom, 3 bath apartment, and a little extra money on top of that! We went and saw the property and had an interview only making us more excited but then found out they decided to go with another team. For some reason, I have to thank Heavenly Father because when we found out I was surprised we weren't as dissapointed as I thought we might be. I am just trying to realize that something else must be better for us and I will try to have faith. We are now thinking harder about looking into buying a house if possible when our contract ends in June.

I'm really not sure of what is in store for our future because it seems ever since I started trying to figure it out around December 2009 I have realized countless times that every time I believe I have it all figured out I end up being dead wrong! Getting married in June, moving to Oregon, putting school on hold for a while, working in retail, getting pregnant about six months after marriage, or deciding to probably go with online schooling has never really been in my plan but that is why I am grateful that my Heavenly Father is in control and although I will continue to struggle with giving over my will, he will help me and show me the better way! It's not always the easy way but it is somehow better!

Someone tell me all of this is normal!!! Life just isn't what we expect sometimes but I'm amazed at the joy that comes from the unexpected if we are patient, trusting, and faithful!


Home again home again!!!!

Guess what!?! This is Nate writing this week!!! My dad has been getting on me that Sharon is the one that always writes so here goes.
Well it has been awhile since we last wrote and a lot has happened since then! We have had a great time and a hard time! The great came in being able to spend some time with family in Idaho! It is always so nice to be able to go home and see everyone even if it is only a quick visit! We are so excited for all the exciting news in our families! We had a long drive (nearly 24 hours of driving in one weekend!!!!) but we made it safe and sound. I worked long hours at work the first of the week so I could get off without loosing many hours and then got up and got to work by 4am so I could put 8 hours in before getting off at noon so we could drive to Boise on Thursday! I was tired but my poor wife was exhausted too! She got up at the same time as me because she couldn't sleep and hasn't been sleeping well for a while now so we were both pretty exhausted  but we made it to Boise in good time and even got to see a couple friends before going to bed around 1 in the morning. Luckily thanks to Buck we had a nice hotel room so we made use of the time to sleep well before we were back up at 5 and getting ready for the final bit of our trip home.

We spent the rest of Friday with friends and family in Pocatello catching up and just chilling! It was so nice to see everyone that we were able to see and wished we had more time. I have to say we especially loved seeing all the kids and we now miss everyone so very badly!!! That is actually where the hard part comes in to the picture. It is so hard to say goodbye again along with the terribly long drive and the hurting backs but mostly the missing people is the hardest!
On Saturday we spent the day with my family and we all went down to Utah to my great grandma's birthday party. There were lots of relatives there that I don't really remember but it was a fun trip with the family. My awesome brother helped me fix my computer and my mom fixed the 2 of us up in a way only my mom can do. while we were in grace we got to ride on the new 4wheeeler which is a pretty nice machine i do have to say!
Sunday we spent the day with Sharon's family in Blackfoot. We went to church with them in the morning and then we had a big nice dinner that night which was really really good! I definitely know why Sharon is such an incredible cook! Maleah and Kaitlyn stayed the night that night too so we got to spend extra time with them and we both just loved that!!! It sure makes it hard to leave though when you wake Maleah up in the morning to say goodbye and she just wont let go of Sharon! It is enough to break your heart and especially my tender hearted wife! Is it any wonder I love her so much!!! Sorry brothers if you are reading this!!! I cant help it  sometimes.
Anyway Monday was another long day of traveling but we had Shanon Carlie with us so we all had fun and I think the trip went a little faster anyway. We stopped to see the Multnomah Falls and stopped to eat at a couple of our favorite restaurants on our way home.
Anyway our adventures with Carlie have continued this week but I think this is enough for this particular post.


I'm Leaving...

to Idaho tomorrow!!!

I can't wait! I am so excited I just can't contain the fact that we will  be seeing family on Friday! We are going to have all sorts of fun and I am going to enjoy eating yummy Idaho food I haven't gotten to enjoy for awhile, like Rupes and Wingers! That is the plan for now! It isn't as long as I would hope but still a couple days with familly can do so much good for a person!

After that I get to hang out with my twin sister for a week at our place in Oregon! She will drive back with us and stay for a whole week! I don't know how it could get any better!

P.S. I need to get batteries for my camera ASAP as well as pack but for now I need to go get ready for my last day of work for a few days!

I'm sure we will have all sorts of fun and exciting things to report when we get home!