Big Changes

Remember how I told you we had some big decisions to make a little while ago?

Well, we finally have some direction and in 3 weeks we will be settling into a new apartment in Maryland (just about 20 minutes from Washington D.C.) for the next who knows how long? 

We plan on being there at least two years! That is one year longer than we lived in Oregon!

It was about two weeks ago that Nate and I both had a job opportunity present itself to us. Neither of us were looking in the slightest bit but they were both good opportunities if they worked out so we pursued them a little further.

I was offered a job as an Apartment Manager in Wilsonville, OR and we would have to move but we would get free rent and I could keep the baby with me during work. I turned it down. It was a lesson in revelation and listening to my heart. My mind thought it was perfect but my heart knew otherwise and I couldn't fight off the unsettling feelings so before knowing if Nate would be offered the job in Maryland I called and turned it down!

About four days later Nate was offered a job with ASRC, contracted to work for NASA, as a Propulsion Technician, making more than we anticipated they would offer. Godwin Pumps, his current employer tried to get him to stay but they just couldn't offer us enough to turn down this opportunity. 

I never thought I would live in Oregon or Maryland but it seems life takes us where we least expect it sometimes. We have had a lot of changes recently and we are nervous but excited to welcome even more changes. 

By the time we move out of Oregon we will have been here just a few days short of a year and now we are off to move halfway across the country again, with me six months pregnant this time!

We have a lot to do in the next two weeks but with Nate taking some of his extra vacation time before we leave I know we will somehow get it all done!

This last weekend gave us some time to enjoy each other and relax while Nate's family was all here visiting! With all of his brothers now scattered everywhere (Josh in Iraq, David in Maryland, Brian in California, and us in Oregon, moving to Maryland) there aren't a lot of opportunities for all of us to be together so when Josh found out he had leave we all planned to meet up in Oregon for a few days together! It was fun!

Now, it's time to work! Wish us luck in getting everything done!


Hard Things

Sometimes, it's really hard to do things you just don't want to!

I had to say no to something today that we both really wanted! It was a really good opportunity for us but because of the feelings we were getting towards it we had to say no. That's when it's the hardest! I knew all along that the Spirit was telling me it wasn't right but the logic in my mind kept telling me that it would be a great opportunity for our family as well. I tried to talk myself out of listening to logic and the Spirit a million times the past few days and until I finally got the courage, with the help of my husband, to act I realized even though it was something we really wanted, finally listening to the Spirit brought a huge weight off my shoulders! I don't know why it wasn't right but regardless I still feel better.

Personal Revelation is a good thing! It is an amazing thing! I won't go into a lot more detail because we still have a lot of other decisions to make around here that really tell the whole story! I am just grateful for the Spirit, Personal Revelation, and a husband who knows how to help me realize that I know what I need to do even if I don't want to do it, and that when I follow through things will turn out alright; even if it means saying no to something good.

All that, and I love Doctrine & Covenants Section 6! Read it! It's one I look up and read frequently when I need some guidance! I always get something different out of it!

The scriptures are indeed, sacred, true books full of revelation to help us through our journey in life!
I love them!


Birthdays and Decisions...Big Ones

Right now our lives are just the day to day normal you usually get but we have some very big decisions to make in the next couple days! Either way we go it could change a few different things at a time!

It seems like when we decide to make changes around here they are always big ones! I'm not very good at big decisions because if you know me you know I'm not very good at making decisions, period! I'm clearly indecisive and that is a little problem. 

So, by Tuesday we should hopefully have some pretty big decisions made and out of the way but some new changes that take a lot of work to get used to! It is exciting but so scary and crazy as well!

Tomorrow I will be taking a venture to the trees, the waterfalls, the streams (the temple is closed) because it seems like I think better there. I pray better there and I LISTEN better there! 

In other business, it was my dear husband's birthday on Friday! I failed to write a special post for him but I hope he knows that there is nobody I would rather spend eternity with! He is my rock and all the changes that our lives have brought so far and continue to bring are always made better because he is with me every step of the way! This guy of mine is pretty amazing and I am grateful for his silly laugh, his hard working hands, his gentle voice, and most of all his constant love!

Happy Birthday, Nate!

Thanks for being you, babe!

Isn't he handsome?


Do you ever...

We are going to play a little game here of "Do You Ever..."

I'm hoping a lot of people answer yes to these questions so I feel normal! Even if I'm not normal I hope at least those people who always seem to understand me even when I make no sense to myself, will indeed understand me! There's some biggies that drive me crazy and some that really won't be the end of the world!

Here we go!

Do you ever...forget how old you are?
I do...ALL the time! Most the time I can't decide if I'm 23 or 24 so at least I'm close!

Do you ever...dread pulling yourself out of bed in the morning?
I do...A LOT more than I would like to admit!

Do you ever...wish you didn't have painful back and hip problems?
I do!

Do you ever...feel like you are in a life-long rut with a few escapes every now and then?
I do...it's mostly that feeling that I have when I don't feel up to par and I think back and realize, "Wasn't I just in this rut a moth ago? Did I ever really get out?"

Do you ever...cringe at making any life plans because it seems as soon as you do life is going to change unexpectedly?
I do!

Do you ever...wonder why you went to bed last night without reading your scriptures?
I do, unfortunately! I'm trying harder!

Do you ever...take a 4 hour venture just to think?
I do! If not, you should try it!

Do you ever...run away to a hiding place almost nobody knows about?
I do! Not as much as I wish I did though!

Do you ever...wish you could control more in your life than just your attitude?
I do, of course!

Do you ever...scare yourself to pieces wondering what "could" happen?
I do!

Do you ever...thank the heavens that you are not really in charge?
I do! Sometimes it takes a while though!

Do you ever...ask yourself, "What if?"
I do that too!

Do you ever...make up silly games like this just to post what's on your mind?
Obviously, I do!

Well, now that we know Sharon needs to stop thinking and maybe go take another 4 hour venture to tire herself of it, I hope this was somewhat educational or at least entertaining for you! Really though, sometimes it's hard to figure life out! I've heard and truly believe that you don't really "figure it all out" until the experience comes to a close. I find this true with pretty much everything but I really wonder if I'll ever figure out life.   

Maybe at the end of eternity, right? ;-)

And, just because I think cherry blossoms are so pretty, because well, they are!


We love...

this lovely lady...

and these lovely ladies...

These two beautiful ladies...

And this gorgeous lady who is missed beyond words...

You have each shaped us in a way that only the women of this world, only the women of our families, can!

Honestly, they don't come any better! You are only the greatest women this world has ever known!

Happy Mother's Day!


For Those of You Who Haven't Heard...

And he is stubborn! He likes his legs crossed!
I felt so bad for the poor ultrasound tech. We tried everything to get him to uncross his legs. I tried emptying my bladder, walking around the room, turning in circles, laying on my left and right side, and tapping on my stomach until finally after 45 minutes he decided to uncross them just enough to get an "okay" view! He was kind of fun to watch otherwise as he kept yawning, sucking on his thumb, and what looked like laying in a lawn chair with one arm behind his head and the other with his thumb in his mouth!

Not to mention, he is strong! Nate has already felt him kick or punch (not sure if it's a foot or hand) at 20 weeks, which according to the doctor is pretty early! It's a really weird feeling when out of nowhere something is kicking down at my bladder or doing flips in my stomach!

It was fun to find out and watch Nate's reaction to hearing the heartbeat and seeing the baby for the first time! He wasn't sure the heartbeat sounded quite right so his reaction was a little worried when the ultrasound tech brought it on the screen out of nowhere!

Now we just need to work on a name!


Baby Bumpin'

We've had some baby bumpin' going on here!

I've got a baby bump in the making. Shanon has been asking me to post a picture for a while but I've been hesitant because I'm not really into posting a random picture of my growing belly. This is just for you, Carlie!

Second of all, this baby has bumpin' around a lot in my belly. I've been feeling the kicks and the flips for a little while but yesterday, Nate was able to feel the baby as well! It is exciting when it can be shared with him too!

We still think it's a boy but tomorrow we should know for sure!

We also really enjoyed the Tulip Festival on Saturday but that is for it's own post!