I'm not sure what my deal is but I haven't really wanted to blog. No motivation has come my way to sit down and do it. However, there are still some exciting things to report!

I am compromising with myself. I will sit down and do a brief synopsis of a couple of the more exciting things lately!

First, I had an awesome late surprise Valentine's date with my husband. I will just tell you for now that it involved chocolate, fruit, being away from the home, and a jacuzzi! Some of my favorite things! He made my day!

Second, we actually got some white stuff here in Oregon. Definitely not what I was hoping for but I still got to look at some falling fro the sky! It didn't even cover the ground completely but I will take what I can get and love it! It's all gone now but it was nice while it lasted!
Third, we are going to Idaho in two weeks! It's only for a couple days but still I get to see family (some that I haven't seen since August last year! That is way too long! It also includes my adorable nieces who have grown up while I'm gone despite my begging and pleading for them not to! I am also bringing home a souvenir! I only get to keep her for a week but Shanon really is the best souvenir I could ask for!

Fourth, I hardly get to see my husband again this weekend between the scout camping trip, his work schedule, and my work schedule but at least I know he is in the same state and it's only for a couple days!

Fifth, I totally got first place in a Mario Kart race yesterday! That is the first time ever and I am so very proud of myself! I promise this is a milestone. I am usually lingering in 11th or 12th place! Plus, I was competing against my husband who is usually in first or second!

P.S. Smile once in a while! Try to smile at someone you don't know today! They might need it!


I'm Picking Him Up

After ALMOST two weeks of being away from my favorite man in the world, the universe...I'm meeting him at the airport tonight! I am going to wait for him to come through that little hallway and when I see him you better believe there will be hugs and yeah kisses, involved too! I will be waiting with a Valentine's surprise...and open arms because of course we missed Valentine's Day this year! After we are done hugging, kissing, and celebrating we will walk together, hand in hand, to pick up his bags! After that I will take him out to eat at one of his favorite places, Buffalo Wild Wings!

*He better not check this! He usually doesn't unless I tell him I wrote a post, so I think I'm more than safe!*

I'm pretty sure he will love it! I'm pretty sure I will love it! I'm pretty sure I will just love seeing (and kissing)  his face! 



I'm crying again this week...but don't worry this time it is a good cry too!

Yeah, I still miss Nate even more now but he just sent me the sweetest and most heart-felt e-mail! Honestly, it was perfect and exactly what I needed today! I didn't want to hang up earlier because I miss him so much and then I got this awesome e-mail! I will miss him so very much this Valentine's day but I'm not sure if I would have gotten the same e-mail if he was here so I will just be grateful for that!

Thanks for being my Valentine, Mr. Nathan Benson...

For time and for all eternity!


Miss Kaitlyn is One

My niece, Miss Kaitlyn Kappas turns one today! I can not believe she is already a year old! Last time I saw the sweet girl she wasn't even crawling and she is on her feet walking now! I miss her so much and she is such an adorable bundle of joy!

Can you honestly tell me she isn't just the cutest ever?

It's hard to picture this little girl as big as she is in all her pictures because I have not seen her since August and that is just way too long! I am so excited to see Kaitlyn in March! 

I just can't express in words how proud I am of my nieces and the beauty, joy, and love they represent! I am so blessed and you can bet that when I see her in a few weeks she will be showered with hugs, love, and kisses until she can't take it anymore! 

I hope she makes you smile as much as she does me!

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What a blast
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Love is in the Air

As I was looking for some Valentine's cards in wal mart today an elementary school aged boy walked by with his mom. I heard him say this as he walked by:

"Mom, I know the girl I like would just love that! She doesn't know I like her. I haven't told her yet, but I just know she would love it!"

I chuckled quietly and thought to myself, "Oh, to be young and in love (more like infatuated)!"
It was fun in those elementary school days but even better is the love that comes from sacrifice! From finding someone you want to spend the rest of eternity with and learning every day to work together, to sacrifice for each other, to learn to love more fully each day of our lives! Each day I am married I am more convinced that I don't understand true love quite fully! I learn more every day and I love Nate more every day so I can't wait until we are old and frail and look back on how much we have grown together, in love!

Leelou Blogs

Today, I love two things!
I love that I have an opportunity to learn to love him more each day and I love (please, don't judge) Coke! I definitely shouldn't be drinking it, and I'm vowing that I will have it rarely, but it is just lovely! Yeah, two really different things but that's that!


While I'm Being Honest...

I thought I would tell you the things I miss about my handsome man, as of lately!

Taken Valentine's Day 2010

1. He always gets the mail for me when he comes home from work! 
I don't think he even really cares to see it but I do so he gets it!

2. He takes out my garbage! Very rarely do I ever have to take out the garbage 
but now it's my job for two whole weeks!

3. He carries all my groceries up two flights of stairs to the third floor and does it without 
collapsing at the door like I do.

4. He's not here to massage my back. He is the only person I have met that can 
remove the knots from my back so well.

5. I can't cuddle up to him and get warm!

There are a few! It's hard but I'm trying to have a good attitude! I really am today!



Well, here comes a load of honesty! Do you want to hear it? 
 Well, I kind of need to say it or maybe I just need something to keep me a little busy.
Either way...I'm not turning back now!

I know, I know I'm supposed to be living in the moment and I'm supposed to enjoy Oregon and this time in my life...I know I promise. But, honesty is always the best policy, right? And if I told you I was terrific today I'd be lying.

So, honestly...I'm so done with today! Sundays are meant to be terrific and wonderful and splendid but today just isn't my day! I stayed home today from church because I'm sick and I don't feel well. I made Nate stay home to snuggle with me because I am selfish and I knew that in four hours I would have to say goodbye to him.

He snuggled up to me all morning, which was the upside of the day!

Then we had to leave! I had to drive him to the airport to catch a flight to California. I started crying when I found out he was leaving for two weeks. I started crying this morning before we left the house. I cried some more when I dropped him off at the airport and I cried most the way home. 

I'm a blubbering mess and a baby! This apartment gets awful lonely without Nate here. Sometimes I'm even a bit afraid of the dark without my husband. Really, I have no idea what I'm going to do for the next two weeks by myself. 

Hopefully, I will survive!


Remember, Remember

I recently saw on a friends blog her post about the things she didn't want to forget about this past month. I decided to steal her idea a little and even though I'm a month late this post is dedicated to all the things I don't want to forget from 2010!

Top Ten Things I want to Remember for 2010

1. I finally said, "Yes!" in February to the question I was so terrified of and decided to marry my best friend!

2. Nate and I decided he would take the job offer from Godwin Pumps and we would move to Oregon just after getting married! There were and still are a lot of tears involved with this one! However, we know we made the right decision!

 3. I went through the temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints with Nate and family! 

4. We were each sealed to our best friend (each other, duh) on June 4, 2010!

5. We went to Hawaii on our honeymoon and loved every minute of it!

6. We said goodbyes to family and moved to Oregon without housing arrangements and searched high and low for days until we were blessed to find the perfect place for us for the next year!

7. I had the opportunity to go back to Idaho for a week and spend time with my grandpa who was fighting cancer. I said goodbyes to him and with all of our family by his bedside we experienced his last moments together.

8. I met my third brother-in-law and all of Nate's family were together for a short while before Josh went to Iraq!

9. We spent our first Christmas together in Oregon and even found snow!

 10. My husband kissed me on January 1, 2011 welcoming in the New Year!

We are looking forward to a new year full of new experiences, fun surprises, and lots of LOVE!