Two Months

The little guy that rules this household is now two months old (on Monday)!

 Kamden's two month stats are:
Weight: 9 lbs. 14 oz. 13%
Height: 21.8 in. 10 %
Head Circumference: 37.5 cm 7%

He is a small little guy but he's still meeting all his milestones and he is a strong little boy! The doctor was impressed that he is already working on learning to roll over and he holds his head up great! He was the center of attention at his appt. with two of the receptionists holding him and a few patients saying how adorable he was! I had to laugh because he was totally hamming it up for them with grins and coos.
He got his two month shots and they wiped the poor boy out! He slept most of the day except for eating and a little while otherwise. He did spike a little bit of a fever but not much.

Kamden is starting to smile and it warms our hearts to see him happy! He is staying awake longer at times but during that time he still likes being held. Our little guy is a great sleeper usually sleeping for a 6-8 hour stretch and he is always happiest in the mornings after being fed and having his diaper changed!

If Kamden is not yet asleep he doesn't like being in the dark so we always leave a back light or the light on his white noise maker on. He also dislikes having a dirty or wet diaper still and that happens often. We are finally starting to put him in size 1 diapers and he's starting to fit into some of his 0-3 month bodysuits and tops are finally fitting better, although he still fits into some of his newborn bodysuits and his 0-3 month pants are too big on him.

We could go on forever about our Bubba Bear and we just can't get enough of him! After he fell asleep last night Nate was looking into his bassinet and called me over saying, "Really, isn't he just the cutest thing ever?" I had an overwhelming feeling of love and gratitude for this life of ours and the sweetness that comes with our growing family. It is great and we are truly blessed!


A Sneak Peak

Here is a sneak peak of what we did yesterday!
(P.S. Tiffanie, this one is for you! Fall in the East! Miss it much?)

Just one of the many (a lot) pictures I took!

I have been dying to go on even just a fall drive and take some pictures of fall but lately Nate has had to work late or else we have just had stuff to do before it got dark. However, Nate kindly decided he would plan yesterday to get off early, notified his boss ahead of time, and we took advantage of the afternoon! 

We had a couple of other fun discoveries on our hike too, besides the pretty fall colors!
I'm hoping to get a post up this week of some of the things we have done lately here and there that I just haven't had the time to blog about. Stay tuned for our adventures and discoveries!

Plus, we have a two month old post coming up soon! How exciting!