Just a Few Words

I need to make a post from our trip to Grace!!!

We left Thursday night, drove all night long, arrived Friday morning, had a blast, left Monday morning and arrived Monday night back to our little abode in Woodburn, OR. We are home but I am a little depressed about it because I already want to go back!!! That will be a while though.

I still need to make a post, however I am trying to find a job! :( Therefore, today is dedicated to filling out applications to places I don't really want to work because I need to go back to school, get a degree, and get a real job! Anyways, if you have any job ideas let me know!

P.S. I love my husband and our family!!!


The Answer to My Lessons in Life

I can't sleep...so I thought I would blog hop...and I was so excited to see a friend, Tara Marie had two new posts I had not yet read!!! Made my can't sleep at 4 in the morning night! When I got there this video, Good Things To Come, that I am about to post made it even better! It comes in direct answer, I believe to the post I left yesterday!

Good Things Will Come, for all of us, for me, for you, for the stranger down the street!

EMBRACE the gospel of Jesus Christ!!! It will carry us through by unseemingly, unknown people who show up in life's way and return that heavenly embrace!

I know that is TRUE and I am oh, so grateful for it!!!

To you and to Me:

 (Click on link above for video)

Thank you Tara for being an answer to prayer!


Sometimes Life is Hard

So, I have recently been thinking a lot about a comment that one of my friends posted on my last blog post. She said "she hoped life was as good as I was making it sound!" Anyways, that really made me think. Was life as good as I tried to always make it sound? I at first thought, maybe  not. Then I thought, maybe sometimes. Now, I think a definite YES!

You see, we all have our days, our weeks, our months, or even our years of misfortune...BUT...mixed amongst all that misfortune are many of the treasured, priceless tender mercies of our Lord and our Savior, Jesus Christ. My life has not always been what I had hoped it would be, mostly my fault. At times it has been more than I hoped it would be! However, I realized last night driving home from the temple that through all the misfortune my Savior was still with me. He does not only love me when he sends his tender mercies. He loves me at all times. He loves me the many times I have royally messed up my life as well as the times I have tried to follow his path.

Sometimes we hurt, we hurt a lot. Sometimes we burst with joy! Other times we feel we are just here, existing. I think hurting a lot is almost better than just existing. Of course joy is the greatest. Most would think existing is next and then hurt. However, if we are just here to simply exist there is no real lesson, no point to the madness on this Earth. At least, if we can hurt we have felt something REAL, something intense, and something deep within ourselves.

So, is life as good as I make it sound? Well, yes it is. Why is it if I hurt or just simply exist sometimes? Because I also feel joy!!! 100% authentic, original, real JOY! I have also learned something else, amidst my thinking! You ready....HERE IT IS:


Anyways, I am sorry about the antics on the easy lessons of life I am barely learning but I decided we need to share these times. We need to share our hurt and our joy, and our feelings of simply existing!  We all have them, don't we? So, I hope through this life lesson that my blog will become a little more REAL! A little more like the life of Sharon and Nate that we know on a daily basis. We have a lot of happy days! We have some bad ones though too! Sometimes it is hard to live with a new person of the opposite sex, from a different background. We don't always agree, we have more differences than we though we did. We hurt each other sometimes. However, we are TRYING! Why? Because WE LOVE EACH OTHER! Because we made a COVENANT to each other and our Father in Heaven! 

So, we struggle, we hurt, we simply exist some days...BUT...we are here TOGETHER and we wouldn't have it any other way if we had too! Life is meant to be spent with each other! We are meant to be with family and those we love and call family! 

Thank you Heavenly Father for giving me moments of hurt as well as joy! Thank you for teaching a stubborn, Sharon Marie the lessons she needs to learn no matter how hard you have to pound it into her brain! Thank you for loving me and sending me the tender mercies to keep me going! Thank you for blessing me with an amazing family to grow up with for eternity, amazing friends to join me in this journey, an amazing husband to start our own eternal family, and his family that is now my family to learn and grow with as well!

So, in this life, please count your blessings with me, your tender mercies, your hurts, and your joys...and we will help to remind each other that the blessings, the tender mercies, and the joys outweigh the hurts!

"A Family is Forever"


Living Every Crazy Moment

Here I am to try and catch up on what we have been doing lately. Life has been a little busy, full of lots of driving, heat, ice cream, and even riding bikes!!! I will try to keep this in some kind of order but if you know how my brain works that might be a little difficult. I'll try it anyways...just for YOU!

A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to drive back to Idaho to be with family for a little while! My grandpa had been in the hospital and was having a hard time with his cancer (see my last post) and so I decided it was time for me to come back home for a while. A little earlier than we had planned but I am so very glad I was there! I drove to Boise all day Sunday and then stayed with a great friend, Taci Mae that night! She and her grandmother always let me stay there and visit and what not! Love them to pieces!!! I left the next morning and got to Blackfoot Monday afternoon. My back was so happy to be done driving by that time! Hallelujah!!!

One of the greatest parts of my trip back there was that I got to play with these adorable little girls, who I took a million pictures of, every day that week!!! You can't beat that!!! :o) Grandma Oler usually watches these girls a few times a week when mom and daddy both have work but she was taking care of Papa Hebdon most the time so they were mine most the time!!!

Kaitlyn (top) and Mea (bottom)

I so loved being with these girls! I missed them a lot! Here are some more pictures of the fun we had!

Grandpa gave Mea chocolate (he does that a lot) and she was having some trouble with it on her face!!!

Mea loved packing my scriptures around. She is always everywhere!

This is here Where (insert name, usually Mommy) go? How cute!!!

Aunt Shanon also came to see us and so we made it a party and went riding in the wagon to go see Papa Hebdon and Grandma Oler!

It was Kaitlyn's turn on the way home and she found it rather soothing evidently. She was out within 5 seconds of laying in there! So cute!

Miss Kate is adorable! She gave us a little smile!

Aunt Shanon and the girls!!!

I love to kiss her whether she likes it or not!

Aunt Sharon with the two cutest girls ever!!!

Just one more picture to make you smile!!!

One morning when we went out to give the cows water Maleah was standing behind me and I went to turn on the water hose (I have never done this since my dad changed it) and that thing has as much pressure as a fire hose, I swear it! It went crazy, Mea went crazy, I went crazy trying to catch both it and Maleah! She was a little surprised and a lot wet! I felt bad!

While there my dear grandfather passed away. I was able to spend some time with him that I really enjoyed and appreciated. I didn't get that with my grandma before she passed on. His funeral services were great! My husband was able to take a couple days of work and we flew him in, which I really needed! It was so hard to be away from him for the week and a half I was. I realized as I drove into Blackfoot (what I thought was home), that home is now wherever I am with my husband. I love him so much and I dearly missed him but am so grateful he helped me get home to be with the family!

We made the long 11 hour trip home on Friday and have been trying to recover ever since! Haha...it is such a long drive in one day! We will probably recover by Thursday when we will once again turn around and head up to Idaho for a quick weekend with Nate's family to say hello to one brother and goodbye to another. One is returning from a mission and one is headed to Iraq in a month! Him and his three brothers can't seem to stay home! They are all out and about doing different things in different places! At least Brian will be closer to home for a while!

Since we arrived home though we have tried to have some fun too! We were able to buy some bikes so we could take up a new hobby and form of exercise! We had a hard time deciding to do this because we are trying to be really careful about extra money we are spending aside from our normal budget! I think we are happy we got them though! As long as it's not sweltering hot outside we have enjoyed going out and riding bikes together! I had to get the hang of it again because I haven't had a bike since I was about thirteen or something! Nate is good though. He can even sit up with both legs on his seat! We have had a bit of a case of sore butt syndrome lately but we like it too much!

 You can't see very good here but it's a general idea! I will get a better picture!
P.S. Don't you love the grunge sport shorts and t-shirt look we are sporting? We like to be comfortable!!!

This last friday we went camping with out ward. It felt a little awkward at first because we were late (it was a trial and a half getting there), we were both a little tired and frustrated with our late arrival, and we still are trying to get to know people. It turned out to be fun though. After setting up our own camp we roasted starburst and smores, most people in Oregon haven't roasted starburst, and then went to bed (Nate was exhausted, falling asleep by the fire!) We slept in until about 8:30, which Nate loved but hated me waking him up! That day we walked down to the beach from our campground about 500 feet away and spent a few hours there! It's fun to have an actual beach and the coast right in your backyard! I'm sorry we don't have any pictures because I am a slacker and forgot the camera!

Later that afternoon we headed off to the Tillamook Cheese Factory and ate way too much ice cream, and bought squeaky cheese (cheese curds) and some different sample size cheeses!!! Yummmm!!! 

We kept on driving over to Washougal, Washington and went to the Tough Truck Show in Clark County with Paul Hildebrand (Nate's good friend and old mission companion) and his dad! We were starving because it ended at 9:30 p.m. and we had not ate a meal since lunch so we took an hour to decide where to eat and ended up at Jack in the Box (the only place still open) and ate greasy yummy curly fries and burgers at 11:00 p.m. Yeah, we try to be really healthy, can't you tell!!! 

There have been a lot of movies watched throughout the last two and a half months of our lives! It is one of our new hobbies! We love you, Netflix!
P.S. Can you believe we have been married two and a half months!!! Crazy, I know!!!

We also went to the temple on Tuesday and it was amazing! No pictures still. Sorry! We have set Tuesday nights as our new temple night and are excited to get going every week! We are so blessed to be only a half hour away from the temple! Thank you Heavenly Father! I know he loves us and I know the teachings of his gospel are true!

Anyways, I hope this wasn't too boring. I don't know if everyone is interested in all of these stories but I hope my family is and they are the main reason I am learning to enjoy blogging! That and it is about the only record I keep of a journal! I am horrible, I know! Don't remind me, please!