The Man I Married

I really like Nathan. He is so much of what I needed in my life and though marriage is really hard sometimes and we have our share of struggles there are such sweet moments like these that I could never live without!

Part of why I love him so much is that I'm sure the Nathan as a little boy, I didn't know, is still inside the man he is now and I love to have peak into what that world was and is like sometimes. When he plays with Kamden I see into that world more than I used to before we had the Bubba Bear. Yesterday I got to see him with Huck, a 4 year old boy that used to be in our ward who is so full of energy. Nathan played Pirates with him in search of buried treasure over and over and over again until I think they found all the treasure in the world! The peak into Nathan's little boy world was so much fun yesterday because I can see the enormous amount of creativity and imagination he has in that mind of his. I see this in real world things all the time but it is a little more exciting and fun to witness in the pretend play him and Huck were enjoying.

"Oh no, a shark, turn the wheel!"

"Oh no, a baby, hit the brakes!"

Finding their buried treasure!

Digging it out!

Really, I love this about him. Even if it also means he's a major tease and tickler.
 P.S. Try not to mind the smudge marks on the lens. Hate that!


There is just something about being outside in the dirt, with the leaves, the rocks, the sticks, and more that puts this boy of mine in 7th Heaven! We had a little picture swap in our ward for family pictures this last weekend and I snapped a few of this little boy loving the leaves!

I just can't get over how handsome he is and even though he looks just like his dad every once in a while we get a good shot where I can totally see myself in him and it makes me happy! 

While he looks all dad in this picture (above) to me...

 I can totally see myself in this picture. This doesn't happen very often!

I'm so happy for this little boy in my life. When I was pregnant a part of me really yearned for a little girl to doll up and such but this little guy of mine, he is exactly what I needed and love so much!


Tender Mercies

These last few months have been hard for me. They've been some of the hardest and I'm sure even though I feel I am a lot, I'm not quite at the end of my rope. Unfortunately, Heavenly Father knows that too. However, no matter how much I sometimes dislike that little fact that he knows how far he can push me, he also knows when I need a boost in the middle of that pushing. These boosts come for me as Tender Mercies and they allow me that boost, kind of like the knot we are told to tie at the end of our rope. I pull myself up that rope as far as I can and realize I wasn't at the end yet. This is probably the hardest part of that process for me but also the sweetest.

We all fight our own battles and for me my silent battles just seemed even more threatning while I 
was sick with my pregnancy, ramped up emotions, traveling (that's supposed to be fun) a lot, and trying to keep my head afloat amidst the full time classes I have been taking. During these times every once in a while Heavenly Father sees my struggling and there is a tender mercy sitting right in front of my eyes.


How grateful am I for those Tender Mercies. They have indeed given me comfort unavailable through anything or anyone else.


Kamden's Randoms

There are a few things I really want recorded about my little guy as of lately!

He has the cutest mannerisms. Lately, he loves to point and he always wants you to point with him. His short, tiny little fingers are adorable. 

If I'm playing a game with him he never wants to stop. He wants to go on forever. For example, we were playing the other day with a ball that I would throw and he would chase after but right when he is about to go after I it I run and grab it again. Then I throw it and the game continues. Well, when I stop he grabs the ball comes up to me opens my hand and places the ball there and waits patiently. If I don't do anything he opens my hand again, makes sure the ball is there, and wait again until I play some more.

He loves to dance, especially to the theme song of Monk. He knows it and he loves it. When he hears it he has an automatic urge to move no matter what he is doing. Nothing is as important and it's like it's built into him that if he hears the music he HAS to dance. However, when he dances he always bounces up and down and then swings his left arm. Never his right arm, it has to be his right and his head is always cocked to the left. We've tried to get him to do his right arm but it never works.

My little boy is all boy and in so many ways up until now he will push most affection away, which I am not a fan off. Whenever we used to give him kisses he would always push us away with his hand. I've been working on him though and so has Nathan. I was trying to teach him to give kisses but the other day Nate was playing with him and said, "Kisses" in which Kamden's reaction was to walk up to the couch lay his head down and wait for Nathan to give him kisses. He has been doing it ever since. He doesn't give kisses but he almost always without fail, if you say "kisses" will come up to you, even from across the room, cock his head and let you give him kisses!

He has been teething and the boy at 13 months still had no teeth. Guess what, he's getting them now, but of course he has to be different and his top teeth are coming in first! I thought they always came in at the bottom first. Not him.

Can, I also tell you how great this little guy is. He loved his binkie, I mean that kid packed it around everywhere with him. We felt like it was time to go though so after one hard night of not having his binkie to go to bed he is totally over it. He is even more hesitant to take one out of other kids mouths, which he used to do all the time, to everyone! He still has his bottle but only at morning and night and I'm okay with that because he doesn't seem too attached to it when I've given him a sippy cup. I would get rid of it but right now, it's the only way I can get him to get a good drink in twice a day. He's distracted all the time!

I really love his personality. It is just what I needed as his mommy!


My Excuses

I've been really bad about posting on the blog for the past two months. I usually do a few posts a month so I'm seriously slacking and I've been reminded and chastised. However, I have some excuses and I'm sticking to it. Whether or not you agree, you will have to decide!

1. I was in Idaho for almost one month of that time. It's hard to post when your busy hanging out with family in your spare time. I only get to see them a few times a year so hey, they deserve all that spare time while I'm there, right?

2. I started school online and I'm taking full time credits while being a mom. I really didn't think it would be such a big deal. Have you every taken full time online classes? Have you ever done it as a mom who lives all the way across the country from grandmas who love to babysit? This is so not a walk in the park for me. However, I have a very patient husband, brother in law, and son who make it possible. Those three guys have been pretty concrete in my life lately and they don't get enough credit. Thanks Nathan, David, and Kamden!

3. I'm growing a human! This isn't always an easy job either, right? I think that and taking full time online classes has been more than enough to handle. My expectations aren't always very high in life. Sometimes, blogging is at the bottom of my priority list. Especially the first trimester and I'll be honest it hasn't exactly been my favorite three months of life. Actually, probably three of the hardest. However, may I say again I have some pretty awesome people in my life who have helped out a ton. Just to name a few those three guys before, the grandmas and grandpas who watched Kamden a lot while I did homework or slept in during our stay in Idaho, and the brothers and sisters I have who help keep me sane. Basically, my family because well they have to and hopefully sometimes they want to! ;-)

Do these work? If not, I'm all out of excuses right now. Not that this blog has an amazing amount of readers but I like to think someone cares, right? We all do!

P.S. Here's the human I've been growing! I'm due April 26th which means today I'm 13 weeks and done with my first trimester! Hallelujah!

I think it's a boy, a lot of people think it's a girl, and Nathan, he thinks it's twins (still, even after the ultrasound)!



The Pumpkin Patch

This  week we went to Clark Elioak Farms in Ellicott City on Monday.

We had a great time. They have cute little fairytale scenes all over the farm, as well as a hayride, petting farm area, hay maze, playground toys, the pumpkin patch, and a tree maze (yes, a tree maze, not a corn maze). Kamden had fun but was a little shy at times because he was tired. It was a much needed break for me away from homework an I love fall so it was just what I needed.

Are you tired of pictures yet? I'm not and we are so excited for fall, which I have decided is my favorite season!


Kamden Turns One

It is hard for me to swallow the fact that Kamden is one but at the same time I look at him and I don't see a baby anymore. He is growing into such a big boy so fast!

This lucky little boy got a couple birthday parties, a small one on his actual birthday, September 7th, and then we did a bigger one with all of our family while we were in Idaho a couple weeks later! The highlight of both was the cake. He knows how to smash into a piece of cake!

I only have this one picture from his actual birthday right now. The others are on our other computer.

I don't know why it's being cut off. Can't figure it out right now.
I have a lot from his birthday party in Idaho though and that was the big hooray! We did a Dump Truck/Construction theme. It seriously fits Kamden perfectly because he is more than into the dirt and rocks. He will gladly play with them over his toys any day, any time!

Here we go! Picture Overload!

That's enough decorations...here is the cute little boy of the day!

He runs around like crazy all the time! He says a few words, mama, dada, and no. He loves to clap and point at things! Kamden is one rockin' dancer, especially to the Monk theme music. I can't think of anything that this boy won't eat and he definitely eats his fair share. His favorite foods are bananas, strawberries, yogurt, french fries, and he loves chocolate milk or pineapple juice. Kamden's got plenty of personality and attitude and he knows how to throw a fit if he thinks it's needful.

We are sure blessed to have him!