On Mothering

Truth be told...
Some days (weeks) it's hard being a mom.
Some things don't work out like we expect them to.
Sometimes we try really really hard to make them work and they still don't.
Sometimes our babies don't really want what we want.
It's hard.
It's frustrating.
Sometimes what is best for us (or our babies) physically, isn't really emotionally!
It's really easy to judge ourselves as a mother.
We try to fit into a standard that really just doesn't fit all babies!
Sometimes it hurts. 
With that being said, I love my little man! I love him more than I could ever imagine.
I just want him to be a happy, healthy, Bubba Bear.
I guess that's what being a mom is about. At least part of what it's about.
Trial and error, and finding what is "best" for us; what is best for our family.