Sick Day Update

Nate's feeling better! Still a little tired and achy at times but much better! 
It seems I didn't get the worst of it (the throwing up part), however, my energy and appetite have both gone out the window. I think my body just decided to shut all energy stores down to fight it off and in the meantime I don't want to eat anything! The only thing that even sounds half good to me most the time is cereal and we are running low! The aches hit both of us but that is getting better with time. I hate the feeling where your mind wants to get up and around but your body wants to do nothing but sit in a heap!

I didn't sleep very good last night either but after taking a 3 hour nap this evening I'm still ready for bed! Can we just say I'm pathetic this week and right now our apartment is proof of it! I'm hoping for a boost of energy and cravings to hit me and hopefully improve my mood so we can get out of the slump we hit this week!

Wish me luck!

P.S. This baby likes to move around and we find out on Tuesday if we are having a boy or a girl! We both think it's a boy! What is your vote?


Unexpected Sick Day

Neither Nate or I slept very good last night! I kept tossing and turning and we kept stealing the blanket or sheet from each other! I was up at 6:00 am on a day I don't have to work listening to some unpleasant sounds coming from the bathroom. I almost got sick myself but plugged my ears until the event was done! That never bothered me before! Then I got up to asses the situation!

He was pale white, with a bottle of clorox in his hand cleaning up in the bathroom!

Needless, to say Nate is home today from work because he has thrown up 3 more times since 6:00 this morning! He's sleeping now, hopefully for a while!

We will probably both read today and be lazy (except for a few cleaning duties I promised myself I would finish today)! He is reading the Inkspell series! I am reading the Fablehaven series and 25,000+ Baby Names to pass the sick day!

Please pray with me that I don't get sick too!


Our Simple Easter

This year we had a simple Easter but it was fun, nonetheless! I must say thought it got me thinking and excited to have a little one to prepare Easter baskets, egg hunts, and other fun activities for! Next year will be a little too soon for some of the excitement but in two years it will be even more fun!

Anyways, this year since it is just the two of us we went to church (it's at 8:00 am) without much hype. I did make Cinnamon Streusel muffins but we ate them on the way out the door! Our sacrament meeting was great with fast and testimony meeting! I was so grateful for Christ's atonement but mostly his resurrection! I was struck with just how amazing our bodies really are and that Christ broke the bonds of death for each one of us! I can't fathom how exciting the resurrection will be to receive our bodies in a perfect state with ALL our family! Primary was a little crazy with 13 kids in my class! I was a little overwhelmed and even though I think I spent more time trying to get them to listen than teaching the lesson, I hope they caught something about the Easter message.

After church we ate another muffin and I told Nate he had to find his Easter present! Since, it was just the two of us and Easter egg hunt didn't merit itself as much so I hid his Easter present instead! I thought I had a really good spot in my cedar chest but then I realized I left the stuffed animals on top of it on the floor and he found it really quickly! Instead of putting his stuff in a basket I got him some camping duffel bags and stuffed all his candy and stuff in there! I knew he wouldn't be psyched over having a basket so I decided to get him something he could use to put everything in. When we were old enough my mom did this for us by buying us mixing bowls that we could use every year or stuff of that sort so I loved the idea for Nate! I just threw everything in the bag with plastic eggs that I filled with little notes for him!

I got spoiled because Nate bought me stuff that we needed in my car! He got me a gps/phone/i pod holder that adjusts to fit each, a tool kit, and a first-aid kit, and some emergency fix-a-flat for my car! Now I'm prepared! He also got me a little easel that says Family on it! Can you say spoiled?

After we had our fun with Easter presents I started my first turkey in the oven. Just as I stuck the turkey in the oven some friends in our ward called and invited us to dinner at their house! It was so nice of them to think of us and we accepted! I can't tell you how many times the Grimmett's have invited us over to their house for dinner or an activity since we moved into the ward! Thanks Emily and Shaun for always thinking of us!

While we waited to go to the Grimmett's we watched The Little Mermaid with some popcorn and after the movie I finished preparing the dinner I was going to make so we could have it today and for leftovers! I started cheesy potatoes and rolls. Then we went to have dinner with our friends and it was so funny because they had prepared almost the same exact meal I had planned except they had ham instead of turkey and the angel food cake she made was definitely better than mine! We loved being there and got some candy from Maisey and Gage, their little kids!

Sorry, I didn't take and pictures. I have gotten out of the picture taking habit and I need to kick myself for it! I will work on that!

Our Easter was simple, but it was fun to spend it together, of course! I am so grateful that I have a growing family to spend my Holidays with and although I miss our family in Idaho desperately most Holidays I can't wait for the day when we can hopefully move back and have the whole family experience. I truly am blessed to have my husband at my side and to experience the capability our bodies have to carry a child! It just makes me realize how amazing the bodies we received are!

Happy Easter everyone!


Check List

Ward Service Project...Done



Maternity Clothes...Bought

Jamba Juice...Devoured

Closet...Cleaned and Organized

Dresser Drawers...Cleaned and Organized

Grocery Shopping...Done

House Straightened...Done

Primary Lesson...Done

Nate's Easter...Almost Done
Laundry...Working on it

Clothes Folded...To be continued until about midnight

Tulips on my table...Loved

I'm happy with today's accomplishments and excited tomorrow is a day of rest!

Not to mention it is Easter! May we remember our Savior and the resurrection!

Happy Easter!!!


Awaiting Sweet Relief

So, guess what I got to do yesterday! Endure what I would probably consider the most painful experience thus far in my life! Really, no kidding! And I'm still paying for it, sore as ever but in a few days I'm supposed to feel better than I have in years! 

It's called scar tissue therapy. It is a method of massage therapy but jut let me tell you it's not one of those pleasant, relaxing massages that make you feel pure bliss! Actually I've never had one of those before but I was told that after the therapy and my body heals a massage will actually feel good for the first time in my life! I'm praying this is true! Anyways, this therapy focuses on breaking down scar tissue so your body can regain proper circulation and dissolve the scar tissue, eliminate it, and heal! It will work for scar tissue that is new or old, including scar tissue you have had your whole life!
For the last two years of my life I have dealt with almost constant back or hip pain in some shape or form! I have learned how to live with and handle pain pretty well. I was in a car accident where I was rear ended and herniated a disc as well as experienced the whiplash and other fun stuff! Different forms of back pain come and go but the past while, starting Saturday night I was experiencing severe back pain that kept me from getting any more than about an hour of sleep at a time and the slightest movement or deep breath sent sharp, shooting pains into a certain area of my back. I decided my only choice was to stop breathing! ;-) Nate, didn't think that was a very good idea so he called his mom and asked her about this therapy that she had recommended I get as soon as possible. The only problem is the therapist is in Blackfoot, Idaho and it's not the easiest to get an appointment with her.

To shorten the story a little I ended up flying to Idaho Sunday morning and meeting with the therapist Monday morning and flying back home to Portland this morning. She worked on scarring I have had my whole life from a scar that goes almost all the way down my back from surgery to remove a tumor when i was a babe, to my back accident, to broken ankles, and a head injury. I have never experienced such pain in my life and I am beyond sore right now but in a couple of days I should feel magnificent! Right now, I'm waiting for, hoping for, praying for that magnificent feeling and I think Nate is too so he can stop babying me, helping me up and down, move around, and listening to me either wanting to scream or cry!

I'm alive and I'm feeling better at certain times if I can get some sleep but Thank you times a million to our family who have helped out a ton the past couple crazy days! I really am beyond grateful even if I was a bump on a log, grumpy at times, woke you up in the middle of the night, or if I asked you to go into town just to get me ice packs to last me a whole night. It helps to have an amazing husband and family!

I probably won't be of too much use around home or at work the next couple days but I have faith that relief will come! I have learned a couple lessons in the last couple days but I think I will save those for the next post! I'm going to work on that sleeping thing for now but there's the update for those who were wondering.



I had just decided about five minutes ago that I should update the blog but didn't quite know what to write! That is until about four minutes ago I heard someone trying to unlock the door and wondered who that could be. Nate is the only one who does that but it is way to early for him to be off work!

Of course, it was him though with a yummy Italian Soda in hand for me! He sacrificed his whole half-hour lunch basically just to bring me an Italian Soda! He bought himself one but ended up spilling it all over the passenger seat of his car. He gave me an Italian Soda, hugs, and kisses and then he was out the door to get back to work on time.

I just love my husband! 
Not to mention even though about the only productive thing I have done so far today is start the dishwasher (made a DENT in the pile of dishes we accumulated yesterday) he didn't notice everything I hadn't done. He noticed that I had done dishes and thanked me for it!

Now, I miss him while drinking my Italian Soda!

In other news, since Shanon bugs me all the time about posting pictures of what my belly might look like and I still just don't feel like it here is a picture of how big the baby is considered to be this week!

Dear Aunt Shanon,

I am about the size of an avacado at 16 weeks and I'm still making my mom tired even into the 2nd trimester! I make her crave random things like mac and cheese, sweet stuff, milk, and jamba juice pretty frequently!


Please forgive mom for not wanting to take pictures of her belly yet. I'm not really big yet so right now she often just feels chubby instead of pregnant! Give her time!
That is about all! I love you!

Love, Baby Benson