Loving Life

Sometimes, I just get caught up in the every day business of life and forget to count my many blessings. Due to this, I decided I would post just a few of the things I absolutely love right now! I also forget that people mean so much more than things. So, yes things will be on this list because I still consider them to be tender mercies, but most importantly you will find people that mean the world to me!

  • Nathan Benson (He's pretty much AMAZING!!!

  • Family (what would I do without them!?!)

  • Mea LaRue (Innocence in the cutest form)

  • Babies (always love them)

  • Institute and AMAZING talks!

  • School (Grateful for it even if I don't act like it)

  • Friends (There is a reason there are so many people on this Earth; because we are meant to need each other!)
  • E-mails from Maps that I read over and over again!

  • A lovely heater in my NEW car that works so well!

  • Pandora Radio

  • Conference

  • An inspired prophet, Thomas S. Monson

  • Weekends!!!

  • Chiropractors

  • Back BRACES not CASTS!!!

  • Ice Cream
  • Twin Sisters

  • Moving ON!!!

  • LIFE!!!
  • Warm showers
  • Hot soup

  • Hot chocolate
  • Warm blankets!!!

  • Cuddling
  • Clorox

  • Washers and Dryers (If I had to wash all my dirty clothes by hand it would take me a million eternities)
  • Lovely Fall Colors

  • Fresh Air

  • My AMAZING SISTERS (Sara, Shylo, and Shanon)
  • Laughing so hard with Mea, Shanon, and Sara
  • All things good!!!

*Too many to name here!!!

  • My Savior, Redeemer, friend, and brother Jesus Christ

Alright, I'm pretty sure the list isn't long enough!!! I'll work on it but fortunately I get to work on my homework now!!! By the way, one of my goals lately is optomism and finding good in all things!

I hope this reminds you of some of your favorite things!

P.S. It's a beautiful day!!! Love it!!!



So, for a while I have looked at cute blogs wishing I had some excuse to get one!!! -Ha ha- I just realized I don't need one!

However, I think I have a pretty good one! I have struggled for a while on journal writing. I'm horrible at it! Here, I am attempting something that I think might actually work for me! This will be a lot easier for me considering my love for typing. I love listening to my fingers click against the keyboard and hearing my thoughts just flow from my fingers. I know, typing isn't as personal but if I can get myself to somehow keep a journal this will be the way!

My second great idea and excuse stems from my love of scrapbooking! I love it! It's another stress reliever for me! -Pretty much anything to do with keeping my hands busy seems to clear my head and bring me down to earth.- Sometimes, this is much needed in my random, constant moving brain! (This should be obvious in my beautiful flow of thoughts in thist post!!! haha) Anyways, back to scrapbooking and excuses...some TIME in the future, when I have TIME, I plan to scrapbook the record of so called "journal entries" I keep on this blog. :)

So, join me on my journey to discovering life, love, learning, and becoming!