Kamden & Grandma

My naughty little boy shares his 11 month birthday with his more than sweet (opposite of naughty) Grandma Oler!

He (mom at one point or another today) wishes so bad he could have spent the day with her but even still we loved her from afar, more than she could ever know!

Pictures to Grandma will have to do this year!

Here is your naughty, I mean perfect, 11 month old grandson:

He is a ball of energy, too handsome for his own good, smarter than a whip, and more curious than the monkey, George, himself! More on his 11 month details tomorrow.

Remember this post, Mom? You should read it again! It's even more true today! Oh, and do you remember this one? You should read it too! Happy Birthday! We love you!

P.S. Mom, to get to the post you just need to click on the "this" link! Love you!



I thought this was post worth to let everyone know miracles still happen and Heavenly Father answers prayers!

I'm kind of forgetful and one of the many things I forget is to put my wedding ring back on in the morning. I hadn't my beautiful ring on all day and about ten minutes ago I was getting ready to go out and remembered I needed to put my ring on. This is about the time I entered panic mode. It wasn't there on my night stand. The trusty place I always put it. (P.S. That little place isn't so trusty anymore! Not when you have a crazy little Kamden Wade running around your house!)

Did I mention that a year ago for our anniversary the husband put new, certified diamonds in that beauty. Not because I wanted them but more because it bugged him every time he inspected my ring and saw little impurities. I really didn't want to lose that ring. It's a lot of money...and besides that I really really love it!

I looked for a couple minutes. Continued to freak out...and I panicked some more. I stopped what I was doing and said a prayer...okay fine I begged Heavenly Father to help me find that ring! I said Amen and about 30 seconds later we cue that crazy little Kamden Wade strolling into my bedroom with a shiny little thing around his finger! I snatched up the ring and that crazy little boy and hugged him so tight!!! Then I said a Thank you pray and reminded myself that miracles happen! Prayers are answered. I am loved!

I'm finding a new hiding spot for the beauty on my finger tonight! Don't tell the crazy little boy!