I Love My Niece

I absolutely adore the fact that my sister called me yesterday just so my niece, Maleah could tell me something.

That something made my day!

Miss Mea had colored a picture earlier and upon finishing told her mom, "Aunt Sharon is going to love this. We will give it to her at her baby shower!" (My sister and mom threw me a baby shower a few weeks ago when I was in Idaho and Maleah helped, but evidently I need another one!)

My sister answered back that I was too far away and so they couldn't see me or give me a baby shower. Maleah came up with the perfect answer!

"Well, I guess we will have to use our magic pixie dust and just fly our house to her house!"

I told her I need to borrow some of that! She said I could!

Anyone else want some?


One Good Lady

Today is the day of birth for one of the greatest ladies I know!

Of course, it's my dear mom. She's a good lady! She's an amazing wife, a dedicated and loving mother, and a caring, fun grandma! She has a kind heart and a giving soul. She learned it from her mom and I only hope I can learn it from my mom! 

The family she has loved and served

Since moving from home I have become all the more grateful for who she is! It's hard to live so far from your mom. There is a support and a love that only a mother can give and I miss that. I know when I have this little boy I will only miss her even more and I wish I could see her cuddle up and love on my little boy the way I see her do with her two granddaughters.

She puts up with a lot, really!

I hope she knows just how much she is loved today and every day!


I wish...

days like today never happened.

Does anyone else ever feel that way? I could have gone without today and never missed it! Really! Sometimes the only way to end such a day is lay in bed and cry yourself to sleep, hoping something better will come by morning. Then of course you wake up with puffy eyes!

But, if your really super pregnant sleep doesn't come anyway! Then you toss and turn and update your blog you have failed to update very consistently thinking some day you will look back on it and laugh about it.


Maybe not!

We'll see...later!

For now, I have more tossing and turning and hoping to do!