The National Aquarium

Last Monday, Kamden and I were able to go to the National Aquarium in Baltimore and we had a really good time. It's normally very expensive but a friend in the ward had an extra ticket with her pass so she invited us!

They have a lot of animals there and it is a hay day for kids! The funnest part was definitely the dolphin show! I have  never seen dolphins in person, and of course Kamden hasn't either. Obviously I enjoyed it more than Kamden but he loved watching it too. I wish Nathan could have come with but we have decided that we will look into getting a pass when family comes so it would be worth it! I know two little girls, whose names happen to be Maleah and Kaitlyn Kappas who would go crazy over the opportunity!

I didn't get a lot of pictures of much except the dolphins because Mason (the little boy of our friend) was a busy body rushing everywhere, but he was so cute! It's okay because the dolphins were our favorite part anyways! Enjoy!

Next time I'll take our video camera because these videos just aren't cutting it!


Just A Couple Things

He's handsome!

He's really handsome!!!


Kamden's Recent Developments

Kamden has decided he's not content with laying on the floor and he is mastering sitting up now!

He has been mastering it for about two weeks now and he just about has it down to an art now. I caught a few pictures of him the other day! He had just taken a nap so he has some sleepy eyes and crazy hair but is still so cute.

 Kamden has also decided to finally eat some solid foods and today he really enjoyed his cereal.

It took a while, a couple attempts with no interest but today we had big breakthrough. He had rice cereal today with a little bit of apple juice and he went crazy! He would grab his spoon with a  death hold and he would chew on it to his hearts content. He used to just let it dribble out his mouth but there was a definite improvement today and most of it ended up staying down! I hope this sticks!

 Eating squash

He's a pretty good baby! He's a little grumpy lately because I think he's teething and we are also trying to get him off his Zantac! Darn Acid Reflux, we don't like you!

Hopefully those things will smooth out soon but nonetheless I love watching him grow and develop. Every day is something new for him and he gets funner every day!


My Two Valentine's

How lucky am I to have two adorably, handsome Valentine's this year? The luckiest girl alive, that's how lucky! I really love that these two can be a part of my life for eternity!

I have only known my dear husband for about three years of my life now but I might as well have known him forever because he quickly stole away my whole heart and it's his now! 

Kamden, I have only known embodied for a little over 5 months and then 9 more months as a part of me, my very body, and somehow my heart doubled in size and he took the half Nathan didn't already have! Really, it's truly possible!

Not to mention, I have some amazing family and friends that will always hold a special place in my heart!

Valentine's Day is always super sweet to serve as a reminder of all those we love and you better believe it's just getting better every year! 


Family Pictures

For my Christmas present last year, Nate let me get family pictures! We tried to get some outside but it was pretty cold so Kamden was having a hard time. Misty let us come in the next morning and get a few inside.

Here you go!!!

I hope our attempt at family pictures this last time is not a foretelling of how all our attempts will turn out.
I felt really bad when we tried to get some outside and I think he was secretly getting back at us the next morning when we tried to do them inside! We started into pictures the next morning and he was acting kind of funny the whole time and then he had a major blow out! It was everywhere and his outfit was no longer usable. We called the session on that account. We didn't have an extra outfit packed in the diaper bag for him either but Misty had a little sleeper that she gave to us to use. That was definitely his worst blow out to date!

Thanks Misty for putting up with our antics!
Thank you for my Christmas present, Nathan!
Last but not least, thanks for smiling in a few of them, Kamden!


5 Months

Kamden turns 5 months old today and it baffles me that it has almost been six months since I gave birth to the little guy! He really isn't so little anymore, at least to me!

He was a serious faced dude during most of the photos I took this month but I think he's handsome nonetheless!

Kamden has accomplished a lot this month from really cementing his ability to roll over both ways. He loves when it is time to eat and he knows what his bottle is when he sees it! It is fun to watch him try to hold his bottle. He does really well but will get distracted and then if he drops it, the world has probably come to an end for this little boy! At least that is the way he makes it sound! 

I can not put in words how much this little guy likes to move! He moves his legs, his arms, and his mouth a million miles a minute! It has been fun to see his personality break through and really show itself more each day! His favorite things this month are his bottle, anything soft, playing with dad, pacing the house with Uncle David, his stuffed dog, Cooper, and having mom next to him all the time during the day! He's a social little guy and if he seems content to play be himself he only needs to see you walk by and then he aches to have your attention! He is really growing to be a content little boy most the time and doesn't get mad too often.

Kamden still dislikes his car seat but I am finding ways to keep him occupied since he can interact with toys more. Cereal still has no contest for the bottle and he eats about 6 ounces every 3 hours during the day. I can't complain because he still sleeps through the night and his nap schedule is becoming more concrete as well.

His little giggle is so cute but he doesn't share it willingly on camera. If he even catches a glimpse of the camera he just stares, of course!

We caught a bit of some giggling in this video but it doesn't capture it very well.

I love spending my time with him more and more each day we are together! I am so lucky to not only be his mom but to also have the opportunity to be home with him every day.

Rolly Polly Bubba Bear

That's right, he's being a rolly polly bug! He's still long and skinny but he's starting to roll around this house wherever you put him down! He rolls back to front and front to back until he can quite literally be across the room. I set him down to play while I'm trying to get some cleaning done and when I come back he's in a completely different spot.

He started rolling over from his front to back consistently about a month ago and last week he mastered rolling from back to front. 

Here is a video of him rolling from his belly over to his back

And here is him rolling from his back to his tummy. This one took a little convincing but I promise he gets to it eventually!

I don't know what we are going to do when he starts trying to crawl and walk because the kid literally loves to talk and move! Don't let the camera fool you because sometimes he is camera shy but this kid has the gift of gab and a body that never stops!

His personality really shines now and it is so fun to spend my days with him!