A Fresh Start: New Blog

I have decided to start fresh around here!

After running out of space for pictures on our pretty little blog here, after consideration of a few different options, I decided just to go ahead and start a new blog. My only fear, even if it sounds vain, is that we will lose many of our friends and family who follow our blog in the move. If you are a current reader, we would love to have you move on over to our new little family blog and continue to stay updated on our adventures so that we can continue to stay in touch with you all!

From now on all of our updates will be posted onto our new blog, Every little Moment!
I know I have been missing in action in the blog world lately but I'm excited to finally get started again after deciding on what to do with our dilemma.

So, come on over and follow us! I promise to post soon about our new little addition and if you don't already know from facebook, whether it's a boy or a girl! Plus, I have lots of updates on our Kamden Wade!

See you over there!