Grateful Post: Day #19

Since I only had one brother growing up I guess it was meant to be that I marry into a family of all boys! I talked about Josh and David this month and no we get to introduce Brian and why we are so grateful for this awesome guy!

Nathan and all his brothers are very smart but we are grateful that Brian decided to develop his intelligence into computers. I can't count how many times he has answered computer questions, cleaned our computers, saved files that we didn't want deleted, and just been willing to keep them up and running! He has saved us a lot of time and money that we are so grateful for.

When I married Nathan, Brian was on a mission in Mexico so I never got to meet him until after we had been married for a little while. I was so impressed the first time I met him, a couple days after he grabbed me and asked me if I would go on a drive with him, just the two of us. I am so grateful for that and the opportunity to talk to Brian and get to know him a little. He asked some awesome questions and as we talked I could see a sincere genuine care that I was now a part of their family! It meant so much to me.

Since, I have known him he seems to be the quiet one in the family at times to me but at the same time I have noticed he has a great ability to observe the situations going on around him and act to help someone, make sure you are doing okay if you seem down, or just send a smile your way! Now, don't mistake the fact though that he can also be a lot of fun!

We are so very grateful for Brian in our lives and his sincere kindness!

P.S. We really enjoy having Kaitlyn, his girlfriend around too! Like Brian, she is very kind and willing to help when needed. Even before she knew us she was willing to watch Kamden while I attended the temple when I was in Idaho during a time last year! She is so much fun and Kamden loves playing with her! Kaitlyn is a lot of fun and always willing and up for something new or suggested by anyone. I have noticed her willingness to be involved and she possesses a constant good attitude in her countenance!

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