Grateful Day #20

Today I get to pay tribute someone we are very grateful for, my mother in law! I am so pleased that I married my husband not just for him but also for his family! They are all great and as it's a house full of boys I have grown to love his mother for being the other girl in the family who understands the girl stuff!

I have learned a great deal from my mother in law, Coleen since I have met her! She has an incredible gift of healing and she has dedicated her life to cultivating it and serving others since she realized this. Through her study and years of practice she has been able to serve and relieve the pain of so many people. For me personally, she has helped me in the past few years to get through a painful back injury that has affected my back, hips, and more but namely those. I can't put in words how much this has done for me.

Nathan and his mom. I love this picture so much!
 With her foot zoning she also uses Young Living Essential Oils which she has provided to us free of charge since before Nathan and I formed our little families. We now have a great, wide assortment of these essential oils and they bless our family beyond reason. On average we use them daily or very close to, sometimes more than once a day depending on the reason. When you hug her it's like inhaling a beautiful oil aroma and you feel immediate healing with her gentle hugs. Really, I'm so glad that she passed many of her gifts onto Nathan including a love of hugs and a part of her healing gifts.

Kamden and Grandma Benson
My dear Mom Benson as I call her is a great example of service as she usually wakes up around 3-4 am and is off to zone and serve others until usually 10:00 pm to midnight. Not only does she do this but she has influenced more boys than you could count in the Scouting Program. This woman is a walking encyclopedia of all things scouting! She is involved in Food Storage, her Ward Choir, and also tap dancing on top of her work schedule! Even though she is busy she still makes time for family when we are around and we are grateful for that because she is also great to talk to and she is great at learning to relate to others. Since she became a grandmother with Kamden she has taken that role on with pride and she takes every minute possible to spend with her little guy! I'm grateful she is so good with boys since she raised four who served missions and are all awesome men! I'm sure I will have many questions for her as he continues to grow older!

Nathan, Mom Benson, and David!
Thanks so much Mom Benson for all you have done for our little family! I really can't tell how lucky I was marrying into Nathan's dear, amazing family and gaining another awesome mom!

Me, my Mother-in-law, and her mother-in-law

We love you!

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